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There is an old saying that goes a bit like this – there is a cure for everything in this world, except for jealousy and baldness. Of course, while the former may still hold true – all of us are guilty of catching the envy bug at one point or another – the latter is not quite anymore, considering the progress of science and the various hair loss treatments that have come into the market.

One of those treatments that deals with hair loss is one we are going to be talking about in detail here –PRP Treatment or to put it in its full form Platelet Rich Plasma transplant/treatment. The one shot go to find yourself back into the world of hair again, rather than the one looking in from the outside.


Baldness, of course, is one of the major issues that the modern world faces, with hair loss and with it baldness only increasing considering the stressful conditions that most of us work in nowadays.

So, there is a huge demand for treatments like PRP, which means there will also be questions over it –
1. What is the treatment?
2. How effective is it?
3. How expensive is it?
4. Is it safe?
5. Are there any side effects?
6. If you want to know the answers to all of these questions and more, keep reading.
Let’s start with the basic stuff first:

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What is PRP Treatment?

PRP treatment is the usage of the blood – our own blood – to facilitate the growth, or re-growth of hair. There are two aspects of our blood – the red blood cells and the plasma. The key part here is the plasma, which is made up of white blood cells and platelets. And what are these two good at? They are good at growing.

So, what the PRP treatment does is take advantage of that growth factor and inculcate it into your hair. Have thinning hair? Let the PRP work its magic around the hair follicles to create nice and full hair again. PRP hair treatment is essentially the same one as the popular “Vampire Facial” that is doing the rounds around the world. That treatment – done to make the face look a lot more youthful – also uses the same principles as the PRP hair treatment. One is for hair, the other for the face. If you aren’t afraid of the needle and can give out some blood, this might just be the best treatment for you.

How Effective is PRP Hair Treatment?

In theory, it should be quite effective for most. If you have thinning hair, male pattern baldness – or the female version of that – or even alopecia areata, the PRP hair treatment should act as one of the better

solutions out there at the moment. What the treatment does is it takes a bit of blood from your own body and then spun in what is called a centrifuge machine. This machine helps in separating the red blood cells from the rest, allowing the
doctors to use the part of the blood they need.

PRP hair treatment has been found to be reasonably effective, and considering it isn’t too invasive, it does hold quite a few advantages. However, it is still a relatively new method of treatment and as with all, a definitive yes cannot be given. Having said that, though, PRP has been seen to be relatively quite effective, and while only Time will give the final answer, the initial results are quite positive.



How Does PRP Treatment Work?

It is not exactly easy to take this treatment – not a one-shot-and-its-done. The first procedure can take up to a couple of hours – it could be considerably lesser as well, depending on how much area is involved in the treatment – and involves injections which are given into the skin where the hair is supposed to grow. And that procedure is then repeated for up to half a year. Followed by that, there is a maintenance procedure to follow, every quarter of a year or so.

Does it Cure Baldness?

PRP hair treatment does not cure baldness, unfortunately. What the treatment does is help in the growth of fuller hair in places where the growth has thinned considerably. Doctors will specifically say it does not guarantee a complete cure for every single bald spot that might be there on your head. The essential theory behind the PRP hair treatment is to push on the growth of hair. So, if you feel like a certain part of your head is seeing lesser hair than normal, then this is where this treatment can be at its most effective.

What is tha Cost Of PRP Hair Treatment?

This is the most important question isn’t it. It doesn’t matter how effective a treatment is, because if it is too expensive, then it will all remain a dream, as far as implementing it is concerned. It is difficult to put a specific price on this. Much of it depends on the amount of treatment. How much hair loss there is, how many injections are needed, the surface area that is involved and plenty of others.
Which clinic you go to also will make a difference, because, at the end of the day, some of them are much more expensive than others.

In India, the cost of PRP hair treatment can start from around Rs 4000 per sitting and go up to Rs 10,000, 15,000 and even 20,000. Again, it depends on the individual, the amount of work that needs to be done, the clinic you are visiting and much more.

What you need to do, before investing in the PRP hair treatment, is do your research around your area. Find out the clinics that provide PRP hair treatment, call each of them up and check out how much they are charging.
Based on that and of course reviews online, a call can be taken.

Are There any Side Effects for PRP Hair Treatment?

Considering the treatment entails the use of your own blood, the side effects are minimal, particularly considering you are undergoing such an extensive treatment.
The likelihood of having an adverse reaction to PRP, owing to the fact that your own blood is used in the process, is quite unlikely. In fact, most studies have shown that the PRP hair treatment is effective with
little to no side effects.

There could be some pain near your forehead, owing to the needles being used. Some bleeding might also occur, but that is minimal as well. And there could be redness around the area as well.
Quite a few patients take the injections without numbing the area required, which goes to show how pain-free it is.

The recovery time required after the procedure is also minimal. Indeed, many have gone back to work the next day after undergoing PRP hair treatment. However, ideally, the procedure can be taken on a Friday, allowing you a couple of days of recovery time. Just for those small bruises, if any, to heal. A warm shower is recommended by some doctors, as the heat will help in increasing blood flow. Of course, doctors will advise against your usual hair maintenance procedures for a few days – be it curling, coloring or blow drying – but apart from that, everything else should be normal.

There you have it then, everything you need to know about PRP hair treatment.

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