Beard Transplantation in Hyderabad

Beard Transplant in Hyderabad: Can you imagine people without beard all around the world? Some will be happy with this kind of a different world while most people may not as their beard is more important to them than anything else. It may be as dear to them as their own life. EPICTETUS– a renowned philosopher once quoted “I would embrace death before shaving”. Now we come to know that to some men beard is sacred. Growing beard is considered as a cultural-religious tradition not only in India but also in the entire globe. In Islam and Sikhism it is mandatory to grow a full beard. In early Rome, a beard was considered to be a PHILOSOPHER’S ATTIRE. It is compulsory for a philosopher to have a beard.

We never know when the fashion of beard runs in and out of trend. For some men, it is a hot topic of discussion to look good with their beard style.

The Growth of Beard in Men

The distribution of beard hair is uneven from one individual to another individual due to genetics. Generally, hair is found all over the body in every human. The soft body hair is found normally over child’s body since birth in both male and female. These hairs are called VELLUS. Vellus are short, thin, light-colored hairs barely visible or noticeable. Vellus are present even during our childhood. During puberty,, there is in care replaced Drogba enic hormone levels in males. As a result of these hormones Vellus hair are replace by Terminal hair only in some parts of the body. These changes happen even to the chest, legs, arms, feet and pubic area. A young man’s Vellus hair on his cheek and chin changes into beard because of male androgen. The difference between these hairs is that terminal hair is dark, long and strong when compared to vellus hair. Terminal hairs are found in our head too. When a person removes vellus hair it won’t make a huge impact. The skin will become smooth after the removal of vellus hair.

Beard Transplant Cost in Hyderabad

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Physiology of Beard

The beard grows during puberty and increases its density until the mid-thirties. The growth of beard will be found maximum in summer in response to increase circulating androgens. The heavy beard growth and also the decrease or loss of hair depends mainly on the family history. The diameter of hair in the scalp is smaller than those of beard hairs. Follicles are responsible for the growth of individual’s strand of hair and are found all over the beard area.

The growing phase of beard hair is different than those of scalp.

1. Anagen phase of beard follicle is 4 to 14 weeks.

2. Telogen phase is of 10 to 18 weeks.

Causes of Decrease in Density of Beard Include

1. Trauma scars or burns

2. Hereditary absence of hair

3. Scarring Alopecia (partial or complete absence of hair)

4. Folliculitis (Inflammation of hair follicles due to bacteria or fungi)

5. Aging

6. Auto-immune diseases

7. Hormonal imbalance

Beard Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant is the permanent solution for baldness in scalp as well as for beard because the hair neither becomes thin nor there is any threat of falling after transplantation. If you are upset with your beard now after trying all the medications and suggestions given to you out there by many who cannot understand you, we are here to help you. The hair transplantation has become popular throughout the world. The hair restoration procedures performed on non-scalp areas of the body had increased to 7.1%. According to research, the demand for beard transplantation are more in Middle Eastern Part of the globe where facial hair has important social and religious relevance. The safest and the most effective method of transplantation is the FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION (FUE) METHOD.

Procedure of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Method For Beard

1. First, our surgeon will guide you with the area to be treated considering the area of the alopecia or patches in the beard where the hair doesn’t grow well. 2. Next focus will be the number of grafts needed to achieve for cosmetic purpose. 3. The beard line will be suggested according to the patient’s face and beard. 4. If there are hairs in some person’s beard only the required area will be transplanted. 5. In case of patchy beard, 500 grafts are advisable. 6. In some men, 2000 or more grafts are targeted for a healthy looking beard. 7. The number of grafts to be planted will be advised by our surgeon depending upon the density required for a bracing beard. 8. Local anesthesia will be given to the person undergoing the treatment so as to make the area numb. This will make it easy to carry on with the procedure without pain. 9. Each follicular Unit is individually taken directly in this method and implanted one at a time. 10. The grafts are harvested using a new technology punch. 11. Using the implanters the specialist will place the grafts in the required area. 12. After the procedure, results can be seen within 14 weeks in some individual whereas it may occasionally take up to 32 weeks. You have to patiently wait for it to grow into how you desired it. 13. The advantage of this type of transplantation is that there are neither stitches, sutures nor any scars in the donor area and it is less painful compared to FOLLICUAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION (FUT).

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NOTE: All the procedure mentioned above should be done under the advice and consultation of the dermatologists and practitioners.

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