What are Pimples?

Having pimples on the face is the most distressing and embarrassing experience ever. These are, in fact, quite a pain. There is absolutely nothing great about these tender bumps on the skin. One has to undergo pimple treatment in Hyderabad at early stage. The pimples are not usually restricted to women, but men and teenagers equally struggle with the problem of having them. This skin disorder affects people across the globe, in varying degrees! However, these zits are most likely to occur during puberty. The hormonal imbalance, stress and lifestyle also result in inflammation and redness on the skin. Most often, the pimples affect face, chest, shoulders and back. These breakouts are everyone’s nightmare. When the pimples leave scars on the skin, it not just hinders your natural beauty, but destroys the self-confidence too. You deserve the clear skin. As the technology advanced, thankfully, there is a lot you can do about the pimples. Today, many clinics offer clinically-supported pimples treatment but we have a pool of best doctors for pimple treatment in Hyderabad, giving you the desired effect. 

Pimple Treatment

Benefits Of Pimple Treatment

The most-effective strategy to do about the pimples is to get the treatment done when they first appear. If not treated at the right time, pimples leave scars on the skin. With the early treatment, you can:

1. Get faster results : Pimple or acne treatment generally takes time to bring the desired effect on you. However, an early treatment effectively controls further breakouts.

2. Get blemish-free skin: Severe pimple breakouts bring scars on the skin. Treating them early prevents acne scars.

3. Prevent mild acne from spreading : Early pimple treatment helps you prevent mild acne from progressively spreading across the body.

4. Control your psyche : The self-esteem of many people is affected by acne, no matter how severe they are. They become introverts or undergo depression. Research shows treating them at an early stage can effectively alleviate these human feelings.

Pimple Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

Generally cost of the laser pimple treatment depend on area of the treatment i.e. pimples which usually occur on Face, Back, Chest and Shoulders. Just fill the inquiry form we’ll get back to you.


1. What causes acne?

It’s not just a single factor that causes acne, but a combination of factors contribute to acne breakouts. In women, the hormonal changes before the menstrual cycle is the main cause of pimples on the face. The hormones trigger oil glands to produce more sebum. Pimples occur when the hair follicles get blocked with the accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells. The dead skin cells along with oil and hair clump together to form a plug. Gradually, this plug gets infected with bacteria. Acne breakouts happen with the swelling of the plugs. Other factors that may trigger acne breakouts include medications, stress, improper diet and genetics.

2. How can I treat pimples quickly?

When you decide to treat your pimples, it’s important to opt for a reliable skin care regime. Consult with a dermatologist for the best and fastest way to get rid of your pimples. Based on the severity of this skin disorder, you will be given anti-inflammatory medications that can flatten out pimples within 48 hours. So, you better take the pimple treatment in Hyderabad quickly.

3. How to cleanse the face when I have acne?

If you have pimples, a strict skin care routine must be followed for a healthy glowing skin. Every morning and evening, you need to wash the face with a cleanser which is exclusively designed for acne-prone skin. Washing with water and a mild soap is all that you need sometimes. While cleansing, ensure you remove the makeup residue from the face. Few steps to follow i.e how to get rid of pimples naturally.

4. I wash my face every day. Why do I still get acne?

Cleansing the face alone will not prevent acne breakouts, though it helps remove excess oil on from the face. Vigorous scrubbing or using alcohol-based cleansers may worsen the situation. The biological factors causing acne are not under the control of regular face wash. For those kinds of acne, you must get a timely consultation with a dermatologist.

5. Can I wear makeup when I have acne?

You can spend a couple of weeks without makeup to see the result. Greasy or oily content in the cosmetics can cause acne breakouts. However, you feel confident when the acne is hidden using a foundation or a concealer. Hence it is not necessary to stop makeup when you have pimples on the face. Make sure to use oil-free makeup products. To a great extent, mineral foundations help you get rid of pore-clogging agents.

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