Anti Aging Treatment in Hyderabad

All of us desire smooth, bright, and wrinkle-less skin. With time, our skin is sickened and aged by harsh toxic ingredients in many cleansers, moisturizers, and other products. As a matter of fact, the absolute, stable, and most natural way is to keep it out of the sun completely (except for the amount of time you need to get your vitamin D), which is next to impossible. Hence, the sun and other environmental factors are responsible for most aging. Now, the question arises, what is the best possible method of not getting aged. However, there are umpteen anti aging treatment 2023. You are hearing since long that can help you stay young and fight to age, but the latest one is acquainted in 2023, are just outstanding. Without wasting much time, let’s get straight into it, but before that- 

Anti Aging Treatment

Do you know how badly Aging could impact someone?

Aging is a broad terminology. The aging process can affect skin tone, influence the skin texture, produce elasticity, cause the formation of wrinkles, and induce loss of volume in the subcutaneous fat pockets at the same time.

Nevertheless, each individual may have a different extent of damage among the conditions mentioned above.

Hence, Anti-aging procedures are aimed at correcting, possibly reversing, or slowing the progression of these related infirmities. Skin tone, for instance, maybe improved by peels, creams, lasers & other cosmetic products. Skin texture can be restored by exfoliating scrubs, microdermabrasion, fractional lasers, and micro or nano needles.

Skin elasticity can significantly improve collagen and elastic fibers through radio frequency (Thermage CPT), USG (Ulthera), or RF Micro-Needling.

In addition to these, wrinkles can be removed safely using injectables like Botulinum Toxin A & Volume loss can be corrected using filler injections. 

In a nutshell, when performed appropriately, all these unmatched procedures are safe and competent for lessening the aging effect. Still, the recently introduced tactics are even better in every sense. 

Let’s get into the roller coaster of discerning the Brand- New anti-aging treatment in Hyderabad that have changed people’s state of mind upside down.


Profhilo is a versatile and lately added technique that effectively treats a variety of skin imperfections. Also, reckoned as the most successful injectable moisturizer because of its additional anti-aging benefits.

Aesthetic clinics are riding on the popularity of this treatment by offering needleless or injection-free Profhilo procedures. Right from exfoliating the skin to unclogging and tightening the pores to reducing oil production to smoothening the rough skin texture, this one-of-a-kind anti-aging fashion gives you a clear and even skin tone in all aspects. Thus, the treatment results in a smoother skin tone & crystal-clear complexion with lasting results and the pricing start from – 28000/-

Jawline Contouring

Who does not crave to have that perfect chiseled Jawline even if they are in their old ages? Everyone urges, though! Now, achieving that sharpened Jawline with contouring is undoubtedly everyone’s cup of tea. Since it has been contemplated as one of the most suitable and non-pricey New anti-aging treatments in today’s world. Jawline Contouring is noteworthy these days for not just exhibiting the flawless V-shape Jaw but also doing wonders when it comes to providing the anti-aging solution to the ones seeking tremendous variation in their looks. Mostly sufficed with Botox, it usually reduces and softens moderate to severe wrinkles between the brows, around the eyes, and on the forehead. Injected into specific regions of the face to relax the underlying muscles, it can often be used to create a brow lift & correct down-turned lips and cost between 9600 -192000.

PDO thread lift

Polydioxanone (PDO) offers thread lift treatment to help you achieve that beautiful “V” face giving you a youthful, sculpted look. It is a minimally advanced approach that employs surgical threads or sutures, traditionally employed in medical surgeries. The threads are placed beneath the skin and are used to tighten those areas of the skin that are showing signs of becoming loose or sagging. Like suspension cables, these threads are intended to hold up the skin in place and render a supportive structure that disregards the effects of gravity as well as aging and stimulates collagen synthesis. For those who want a natural yet visible improvement, without all the stress and worries of a complete surgical face-lift procedure, a thread lift treatment is recommended and costs around- 64,000 to 192,000.

Human Growth Hormone or HGH

Not many a people associate Human Growth Hormone with anti-aging, but it is deemed as ‘Youth Hormone’, and is the most secure anti-aging technique nowadays. It plays a massive role towards being glowing again. Our body produces HGH naturally. Unfortunately, after peaking in our adolescence, our production starts to decline as early as our late 20’s and continues to decrease over time.

As our production of HGH dips, the symptoms of aging start to appear. The wrinkles, the achy joints, sagging, and the thinning hair. Well, there is such a process, which never permits to grow old; that is what we call- Human Growth Hormone, which costs around- ₹ 80,000 to 4,00 000 a month. It exfoliates the skin, tightens pores, lessens oil production, and smoothens uneven texture, giving you a bright and smooth skin tone.

Upper eyelid surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty)

The most significant and cost-effective surgery that unveils a change in your face’s emotion, other than age, is Upper eyelid surgery. Removing extra skin and revealing the upper eyelash line gives a more happy, awake, and engaged look forevermore. 

Be it dealing with dull, pigmented, and blemished skin or improvising the skin texture, this highly powerful exfoliating procedure is suitable for people who wish to witness the changes in their looks on an immediate basis. The prices of these amazeballs skin methods are somewhere near- 32,000.

The pictures below are an illustration of how the eyes alone can make a massive difference in the appearance of the whole face.

Juvederm Derma Fillers

When it comes to unsurpassed fillers, Juvederm is a brand name for one of the most refined types of dermal fillers available. Juvederm is radically a hyaluronic acid filler used to fill deep creases of wrinkles & sagging of the skin.

Several sub-brands such as Volbella, Volift, Voluma, Ultra Plus, and Ultra are present in the Juvederm umbrella. Without any doubt, Juvederm is one of the best skin treatments for people who are looking for the safest non-surgical anti-aging therapy till date and charges approx-20,000 and ranges up to 1, 00,000.

The FDA approved this paramount Derma Fillers technique in 2020 as the most innoxious option for maintaining a youthful appearance. Thus, this pre-eminent skin rejuvenating technique does not leave any stone unturned and renders the best-ever solutions for anti-aging.

If you happen to get it from a trusted skin clinic, then you are definitely on the safer side. These subtle, trendy, and inexpensive New Anti-ageing treatments are breaking the stereotypes like never before. 

Anti Aging clinic

With the guidance of a skilled and experienced consultant, these all anti-aging treatments are very safe and effective. Please seek more information from your specialists during a consult in person before choosing to have or forego such aesthetic remedies for anti-aging concerns.

Also, figure out which is the most salutary for you by discussing this with your dermatologist. Look Good, Feel Good, You’re Worth It.


What is skin aging and why it happens?

Skin aging is the procedure when skin cells don’t produce collagen. The skin gradually loses its firm, elasticity and shine. The skin ageing can be both due to external and internal factor. External factors can be pollution, sun exposure, dust, etc. where as the internal factor can be your age or genes.

What are the symptoms of skin aging?

The visible signs of skin aging are loss of skin elasticity, firmness, fine lines appearance, frown, saggy skin, losing the skin smoothness, visible dark spots and discolorations and the formation of wrinkles.

What are the anti aging treatments options available?

Our Clinic offers Fillers & other advanced cosmetic clinical treatments like Pixel laser skin resurfacing to reverse the process of skin aging and get you the charming youthful face. Based on the initial skin assessment by the doctors, the actual treatment procedure is charted.

What is the age limit to get anti aging treatments?

Anybody above 18 years old can undergo anti aging treatment. Lactating, pregnant women and candidate with chronic illness may not be suited for the procedure.

What are the side effects of anti aging treatment?

There are very minor adverse reactions like:
Temporary bruising
Mild redness
Slight headache
Few clients also get flu like symptoms .

Are the anti aging treatments very painful?

Every anti aging treatment at our Clinics is administered by the specialist doctors. The pain is very comfortable and relaxing.

What are post treatment effects?

One can see the skin health and firmness in a week or so. The effects of anti aging treatment last for a year and needs post maintenance session every year.

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