Hair Fall-An Unpleasant Agony

Our hair is a main feature in our face which makes us look striking. A person looks different based on different hair styles. Some look outstanding in a short hair cut but some look elegant in a long one. In general, the length, colour and style of our hair can be controlled by us but the slow and uncontrollable hair loss makes us emotionally worry about our appearance. This unpleasant distress of hair loss happens in both men and women in their early 20s, 30s and even after that. The process and pattern of hair loss is not the same in everyone. More than 50% 0f men lose their hair till they reach their early 50s. Men envy women for their long and flawless hair. They think that women do not face the trouble of patchy hair and other problems related to hair fall. On the other hand women think that men don’t worry about things like hair loss which may sound petty and silly if they worry about such things. The truth is every 7 out of 10 people suffer from hair fall problem and it is clearly noticeable in both the gender.

Some More Mysteries Of Hair Loss

Hair is the key element which smartens your appearance. Without hair an individual looks different than normal. In our body the swiftly growing tissues are none other than HAIR. A type of protein known as KERATIN is present in everyone’s hair. Each hair strand has its base fixed to the scalp which consists of hair follicle. MELANIN is a type of pigment produced under the skin. This melanin is responsible for our hair colour. If the follicle is disturbed due to improper nourishment and less oxygen, the hair weakens and gradually falls out. Excessive exposure to the sun slowly makes the hair weaken till its root and ultimately leads to hair loss. Maintaining your hair in a healthy way has become a major chore. This blog is written to help hundreds of people out there to educate you about hair loss and to give you simple solutions to control your hair loss.

Hair Loss, Right? Here Are The Tips To Fix It !

To control your hair loss the most important things are
1. Sleep
2. Diet
3. Treating your hair with utmost care
4. Providing proper nourishment to your hair
5. De-stressing yourself from your extreme enemy stress
6. Hydrating yourself very well
7. Massaging your scalp on a regular basis
8. Shampooing the hair frequently
9. Getting rid of dandruff
10. Curing the deficiency of vitamins, iron etc existing in the body

Are You Losing Your Hair Due To These Reasons ? Maybe, You Never Know So Better Check Out Yourself !

You may feel sick and tired even after trying all the remedies to stop hair fall and are unaware of simple facts that water and air pollution damages your hair to a great extent. The people who want to control hair fall generally tried everything to control hair fall beginning with grandma’s tricks of some quick home remedies to eating well on time, drinking plenty of water, sleeping like a sleeping beauty but still cannot stop the hair loss and gets agitated. The major reason for such hair loss might be due to genetics or some deficiency diseases which can be controlled by taking medicines. If anyone in your family went through the hair loss process there might be higher chances of you getting it too but the chances are indefinite.

Are You Losing Your Hair Due To Your Medical Condition ?

Some other reasons also include surgeries, other medications and drugs you had in the past. The prime factor of hair loss in adults is often due to aging. In some women, hair loss can be seen after the happy event of giving birth to their young ones. If you are belonging to this type of hair loss whose onset is due to taking other medicines or due to some surgery, visiting a trichologist is the best option rather than losing more time along with losing more strands of hair.

How To Save Your Exclusive Priceless Hair ?

To control THE PROBLEM OF YOUR HAIR LOSS there are certain medications which will be prescribed by a trichologist after thorough examination. We examine the hair using Hair analyzing technique at free of cost which gives clear idea about the scalp and the hair to the patient who suffer from the hair loss problem. Apart from medications there are some procedures we offer at Dr. Venus Institute Of Skin And Hair to restore the hair loss. Treatment particularly depends on the condition of the patient and the suitability of the treatment. Effective technical treatments are listed below.


The sooner you take steps and visit a trichologist the better it is to regain the hair you have lost.

Low Light Laser Therapy (LLT)

It is an approved therapy by FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) which is safe and effective. These laser devices are used to treat many medical conditions including hair as here the laser acts on the hair follicles and aids in the re-growth of hair. It is used to treat several types of hair loss in both men and women.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is chosen by number of people every year with high favorable outcome. Dr. Venus Institute Of Skin And Hair has done more than 500 hair transplantation successfully. Transplantation is done to restore alopecia otherwise called as baldness. 

Why Would You Choose Dr.Venus Institute Of Skin And Hair For Your Hair Loss Problems?

We believe in providing the best outcomes at your service without compromising the safety and quality of the patient. We focus and believe in a healthy way of life. If you are one of those who suffer from hair loss since years we diagnose you depending upon your problems on a whole and treat using leading approved techniques.
NOTE: All the procedures mentioned above should be done under the advice and consultation of the trichologists and practitioners.


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