What Makes Your Hairs Grow?

How to control hair fall is a million dollar question for everyone in the society. Hair fall has become the most common problem throughout the globe. Alopecia or baldness is the terms used to denote hair loss in any region of the body including the head. The hair loss can be extreme to some people in some areas while it can be very less to some based on various factors. Hair grows on the human body excluding the soles of our feet and the palm of our hands. The hair follicles in the outer layer of the skin are responsible for the growth of hair.

Our hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. Whenever new hair cells are produced by the follicles the old cells are pushed out. This rises for about 6 inches (15cm) per year. Basically, our hair is a dead keratin cells in the form of a string. The amount of hair growth is very slow in old age.

Each and every follicle has its own life cycle and about 90% of our hair is always growing. This growing phase is divided into three stages known as Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Let us see what happens in all these phases;

1. Anagen: It is the longest stage as the hair grows and shed between 2-6 years.

2. Catagen: It is the mid-way growth of hair that lasts 2-3 weeks.

3. Telogen: This stage is also called a resting stage as the hair lasts only for 2-3 months and the new hair starts growing here again.

How To Control Hair Fall For Men?

There are about 1 lakh to 1 lakh 50 thousand hairs in an adult head. We lose around 100 of them every day and it’s quite normal. When you lose hair unconditionally and uncontrollably or when your hair becomes thinner, consulting a dermatologist would be a better option. To control hair fall to a certain extent there is neither shortcut nor an easy overnight process.

Top 12 Reasons To Control Your Hair Fall To A Minimun Extent

1. You can control hair fall by minimizing the use of styling products.
2. Excessive use of chemicals damages your hair pretty quickly and this leads to hair fall. So, avoiding this would be better to control your hair fall.
3. Too much shampooing should be stopped to control the hair fall.
4. Brushing your hair hardly when it’s wet results in hair fall. You need to change the habit of brushing your hair when it’s dry.
5. Some diseases and deficiency diseases like thyroid and vitamins can cause hair fall. Attending to these things at your earliest will control your hair fall.
6. As the saying goes “Eat healthy, stay healthy” perfectly fits to control hair fall. A healthy individual will have low hair fall compared to an individual who lacks protein or iron deficiency in their diet.
7. Eating disorders like Anorexia (an emotional condition to lose weight and refusing to eat) is one of the major causes of hair fall. Nutrition deficiency simply leads to hair fall and this can be controlled by healthy eating habits.
8. Another eating disorder known as Bulimia also causes hair fall. Bulimia is a mental illness in which someone eats uncontrollably and deliberately vomits. Eating a very healthy diet will automatically control hair fall. This condition is found mostly in women.
9. A high fever, some severe infection and flu in some person triggers hair fall which can be controlled by being healthy and recovering.
10. De-stress yourself from all your stress from your stressful life as this is a major reason in most cases. Relaxing and staying happy is a key to control hair fall.
11. Pistachios, Walnut and Cashew consumption particularly in male increases elastin vitalization.
12. Men with longer hair try different types of hairstyles which pull the hair tightly and do damage it so brush your hair gently and do not pull your hair

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately?

Stopping hair fall immediately cannot be achieved through quick measures. It’s a slow process as well as time taking One has to strictly follow hair regrowth tips for quick and better results.

I. Diet: (Hair Fall Control Diet)

1. If you are a person who crave for oily and greasy food it’s not desirable for your hair. To stop your hair fall, avoid too much of fast food and junk food.

2. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, apricots, nuts, tomatoes, mangoes, papaya, sweet potatoes, pulses, chicken, fish, egg, and beef to stop hair fall.

3. Calcium, biotin, Vitamins, proteins and other nutrients from milk makes the root of hair stronger and prevents hair fall. Drinking milk as well as adding low fat dairy products in your diet reduces hair fall.

4. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water every day for better hair growth.

5. Stop using alcohol if you intake uncontrolled amount of alcohol. Alcohol intake is not only bad for hair fall but also for your overall health. Alcohol leads to malnutrition and lacks absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients for the hair growth.

6. The existing hair follicles become dry and fragile because of dehydration and alcohol consumption.

Alcohol causes increase in the level of estrogen. This increase level of estrogen in male results in hair loss.

7. Smoking cigarettes in men hasten the hair loss. Smoking helps to make men prematurely bald. The toxins in smoke can harm hair follicles and damage hormones. Quitting smoking can decrease your hair fall.

II : Healthy Hair Habits And Routine ?

1. Apply hair oil at least twice or thrice a week and massage it smoothly for 10 minutes. Massaging improves blood circulation very well which in turn reduces hair fall and helps in the growth of hair.

2. Do not let your scalp to be sweaty. Clean and shampoo your scalp regularly to maintain hygiene in your scalp area. 3. Sweat promotes skin infection; this is because when sweat mixes with flakes on the scalp it might block the pores making the hair follicles inactive. Sweat triggers hair loss. This is why it is advisable to use a scarf or a bandanna before wearing helmet or travelling keeping your scalp clean.

4. Proper use of shampoo as well as conditioners which suits best for your hair stops hair fall. Conditioners should not be used directly on your scalp but at the ends of your hair whereas shampoo should be applied on the scalp.

5. As our shampoos contain large quantity of chemicals it is good to mix shampoo with little amount of water before directly applying it on your scalp. Diluting your shampoo reduces hair loss.

6. Always wash your hair with warm water rather than with hot water as this will prevent breakage of hair and retain moisture.

7. Change the habit of using blow-dryer to blow and dry your hair. Let your hair dry naturally to avoid hair fall as drying your hair weakens the hair root.

8. Wash your comb every time you wash your hair as this ensures the personal hygiene of your hair.

9. The best way to comb your hair is to first detangle it using your fingers, then use a wide toothed comb to brush it gently. Use a thin toothed comb finally to brush and style it. All these steps will reduce hair loss.

10. Exposure to frequent changes like colouring, curling, straightening, hot ironing etc damages hair quickly to a great degree. Avoid unnecessary styling products which will ultimately stop your hair fall.

III. Sleeping Patterns :

Sleeplessness also causes hair loss. The hormone melatonin regulates our sleep cycle. Sleep is the body’s time to regenerate, rebalance and repair hormones. Sleep enhances protein synthesis which in turn reduces hair loss. Have a peaceful sound sleep and say bye to your hair loss.

IV. Elating Exercises For Hair :

1. Some yoga poses like downward facing dog pose, side to side hops and standing forward bend nose allows you to grow your hair faster due to the good circulation of blood.
2. Some pressure points in our body like rubbing nails known as Balayam Yoga can improve the hair growth and also stops hair fall by improving the blood flow to the scalp nourishing the hair follicles.
3. Spend 10-20 minutes every day by comfortably sitting, relaxing and doing nothing. This will help you to de-stress and promote hair growth ceasing hair fall.


S.No Elements Explanation
1 Formaldehyde This is one of the most harmful ingredients found in our shampoos which act as a preservative. This ingredient is restricted by the European Union and is banned in countries like Sweden and Japan to be used in cosmetics and toiletries.
2 Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate /Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Diethanolamine (DEA), and Triethanolamine (TEA)

These are actually detergents which removes oil from your hair. These are so harsh for your skin, scalp and hair that it damages them greatly. Generally found in our day to day products like toothpaste, soap, cleaning products and body wash. It generates

Foam so well that we mistake it for making our hair clean and are satisfied with its cleaning process rather than concentrating on the harm it actually does to our hair.

3 Parabens This is used to avoid the growth of bacteria in any products that we use. Our skin can absorb Parabens easily. This is also used in canned and processed food products. Unfortunately we consume it without even realizing the truth.
4 Sodium Chloride (NaCl) The salt in the kitchen we use is NaCl. You may wonder why salt would not be good for your hair? It makes your scalp dry and itchy leading to hair fall. If you are still wondering that why it’s used in shampoos then? It is to maintain the stability and thickness in your shampoo.
5 Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) These are obtained from petroleum and are used just to maintain consistency of the shampoo just like NaCl.
6 Alcohol denat, Ethanol, SD alcohol, Propanol, Isopropyl and Propyl Some alcohols added are beneficial while some given in the left side column are not. But I would recommend you to stop using any alcoholic products as it makes hair frizzy. Alcohols derived from natural sources do not harm. Before choosing your shampoo check for alcohol in it.
7 Synthetic Fragrances Shampoos and conditioners which are labeled as “fragrance” in it may contain unimaginable chemicals in them. These might cause irritability to the scalp. Phthalates is an ingredient that comes under fragrance and is banned by many countries to use in cosmetic products.
8 Synthetic Colours-It appears as FD&C or D&C. Combined with a number in the products. People are attracted towards colours and to colouring agents to make it look appealing. The shampoo and conditioner manufacturers use petroleum, coal-tar sources which are not good for hair growth.
9 Dimethicone It is a plastic silicone which makes your hair feels glossy and shiny. It can stop the pores on our scalp to get sufficient nutrients.

Some shampoos insist on being a natural one but still it contains Cocamidopropyl Betaine which is nothing but foam promoter. We can get easily tricked that it is obtained from coconuts. Some other ingredients like Triclosan should be avoided. Plant made ingredients or homemade ingredients are the best to avoid hair loss.

Homemade Remedies For Hair Fall and Regrowth :

Treating hair loss through home remedies takes time but it is definitely the best way to stop hair fall as well as to re grow hair. Making different hair packs at home requires lot of patience and hard work. It is not an easy task but its worth as it gives definite results.

1. Hair follicles are thought to contain “Smell receptors” that responds to aroma. Rubbing sandalwood oil on scalp particularly in men stimulates hair growth in just 6 days. Researchers in German Laboratory showed that this will help quarter of men who start to lose their hair by the time they turn 25.
2. Wash your hair using soap nut (Reetha) which is the safest option to stop hair fall.
3. The Indian Gooseberry (Amla) is rich in vitamin C. To provide these vitamins to your hair make a pulp out of amla and add few drops of lemon juice in it. Apply this paste on your scalp and wash it after an hour.
4. Mayonnaise contains Mayo which is a mixture of egg and lemon juice or vinegar. It is best to moisturize your hair using mayonnaise. Apply it on your hair generously and leave it for an hour, cover it with a shower cap in case you are prone to make your walls, pillows or anything dirty near you by applying mayonnaise on them. Wash it thoroughly after an hour.
5. Heat coconut oil, olive oil or any oil which you use with curry leaves for 5 -10 minutes. Let it sit for cooling. Filter and extract the oil separately in a jar and apply it to massage your hair with this oil for 2-3 times a week to stop hair fall and re growth.
6. The antioxidants in green tea are beneficial to stop hair fall. Take 1 cup of water with 2 green tea bags to boil and let it cool. Use this water to rinse your hair and let it be for 30-50 minutes. Wash your hair again with ordinary water.

Treatment For Hair Loss :

We at Dr. Venus Clinic focus and believe in healthy lifestyle and healthy treatment. If you are in extreme condition in hair loss we diagnose you using different techniques like hair pull test, blood test, and scalp test.

We do have treatments to have effective results like Hair Transplant, ILS and LLLT depending upon the category of the patient particularly for cosmetic reasons. We use leading technology for treatments. We try to understand your problems much better and make sure to provide treatment with a positive approach.

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