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Weight Loss Treatments in Hyderabad

We excel in providing a reliable solution for weight loss treatment and inch loss through the body contouring program. It is a non-invasive technique that helps in weight and fat reduction. This is done in combination with physical activity, the use of certain appliances and changes in the eating pattern. The appliances comprise of advanced technology which focuses on a specific body part and performs the procedure. All these appliances are US FDA approved and the treatment is done under the supervision of certified slimming therapist in congruence with a physiotherapist and diet counselor.

Weight loss Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

To know the cost of the treatment just drop an inquiry to us mentioning your age, our team will get back to you,


Weight Loss and Inch Loss Treatment

The need for being in good physical shape is not just about the appeal but it is also a matter of health in today’s times. Not all cases of weight issues can be treated with regular exercise or diet. Certain cases also require medical intervention and it is here that We have become the extremely popular choice for all. We specialize in designing a comprehensive weight management program based on our standard procedures of assessment of the body composition analysis. It would require an initial phase of counseling.

Our Work

  • Skin Treatments 96% 96%
  • Hair Treatments 94% 94%
  • Non-Surgical Face Treatments 98% 98%
  • Cosmetology Training 92% 92%
  • Inch Loss 85% 85%

Why Choose Us?

  • The success rate for body contouring has been high due to a set of stringent protocols and non compromising  standards used & we are the best doctors for weight loss in Hyderabad.
  • We follow this system without any deviations and the vast experience of high skilled specialists ensures that each case is examined  closely with the right assessment  procedure and the appropriate  methodology to treat it is derived.
  • The infrastructure and equipment is of the highest standard which adds to the value based treatment.


What is the equipment quality?

We use US FDA approved machines which work on the principle of ultrasonic cavitation along with electrotherapy which improves the muscle tone and prevents sagging.

Is this process safe?

Yes, there are no known side effects to this treatment since the procedures are scientifically approved and can be safely used on the human body. Above all, it would be performed by well trained and certified therapists using Our standardized protocols.

Who is suitable for Body Contouring treatment?

If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is in the range of 23-40 and do not have any serious medical condition, you are apt for the treatment. But you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to ensure the treatment holds value on a long term basis.

Who is not suitable?

Those who have pacemakers, pregnant women and those with uncontrolled epilepsy cannot be treated.

Any age limit for this?

If you have completed 16 years, you are fit to be part of this treatment. There is no upper age limit.

How many sessions are required?

It depends on your metabolic rate and the quantity plus nature of your excess fat. Based on these factors, our specialists will come up with the customized plan and ensure you get the optimum form of treatment.

Will I see the difference immediately?

Yes, you can find noticeable difference in the very first session itself.

Will there be inch loss on the desired spot?

Yes, this treatment is designed exclusively for inch loss on the specified target area.

Will I remain in shape after treatment?

It is possible to remain in shape provided you take care of your diet and physical activity. Remember that weight maintenance is a lifelong process.

Is the treatment painful?

Not at all, it is a rather relaxing and pleasant treatment. Fact is, you would feel more energetic and rejuvenated after the end of a session. However, if you have sensitive skin, you might have slight rashes or redness which fades immediately.

Do I need to take rest post treatment?

You can resume your normal activities after treatment but since the body loses some fluids post activity, it is advisable to rehydrate your body and then return to routine.

What if I don’t respond to dieting and exercise?

The Body Contouring works effectively only if you are willing to adapt to the suggested lifestyle and your BMI is not in the morbidly obese range. If the fat quantity is large the sessions would increase.

I have lost weight but my body is not in shape, how to deal with that?

Ideally, the Body Contouring treatment is meant for weight loss and relatively resistant fat. If you are not finding the desired shape, then liposuction is advisable.

Any weight limit for this program?

Our cut off is BMI of 40. If it is anywhere around 35, then we seek the opinion of an endocrinologist and take a call.

What are the benefits of fat loss?

It keeps your heart healthy, improves self esteem, your sleep, mobility, fertility, energy, vitality improves. Above all, it gives a very big boost for your self-image.

Losing how many kilos is safe?

As per World Health Organization norms, about 3-4 kilos per month is advisable though it depends on the fundamentals such as medical status and BMI of the individual.

How good are your dieticians and counselors?

Our dieticians are not just professional experts but they are also experienced counselors. They can don the role of a mentor based on your requirement. We also provide empowerment sessions by well known corporate trainers at a regular basis.

How We are different from the rest in this?

Our program has a holistic approach to the body fat program and it believes in sustainable fat loss instead of quick weight loss. It focuses on normalizing the body composition after the program is over. Even our screening techniques are quite unique and follow a stringent set of protocols. Our program is totally customized based on individual’s body analysis report. If the individual requires liposuction or bariatric surgery then we have the facility to provide that as well. We stands apart by using the latest psychological tools to analyze your lifetime weight pattern and provide habit altering technique so that you can stick to your diet. More than matching the industry standard of 60% success,We believe in long term sustenance of the achieved result.