Non-Surgical Tear Troughs and Eye Bags Treatments in Hyderabad

Tear Troughs and Eye Bags:Eyes are the most beautiful part of your face. People found their eyes the most attractive than any other body features. Dark circles under the eyes or baggy eyelids kill the beauty of the eyes. Hence, retaining its beauty has always been the prime focus of many cosmetic treatments. With the sign of ageing, the skin around the eyes drops and gradually develops lines and bags under the eyes.  Tear troughs and eye bags make you look old which result in losing your youthful appearance. Getting the proper tear troughs treatment, hence, is of utmost importance for creating a naturally beautiful look. Though you can hide the tear troughs with makeup, more and more people consider undergoing a permanent treatment.

Tear Trough Treatment in Hyderabad

Tear troughs and eye bags are the anatomical developments happening to the eyes and surrounding area as a result of the ageing of the skin, stress or hormonal imbalances. These anatomical structures are the circles, lines and bags under the eyes which make you look haggard. Tear troughs are simply the groove between the lower eyelids and the upper cheeks.

Tear Trough Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

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Eye Bags Treatment in Hyderabad

Eye bags, on the other hand, are bulges appearing on the lower lids. These are the protrusion of the fat tissues under the eyelids. In many cases, these are not at all hopeless concerns.

No matter skilfully you apply the makeup, tear troughs and eye bags remain visible. People with deep tear troughs usually look more aged than they really are. However, the best things to do is to get the tear troughs treatment done with skilled dermatologists.

Eye Bags Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

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Non-Surgical Tear Troughs And Eye Bags Removal Treatments

Tear troughs and eye bags get worse as we age. One can easily reduce the appearance of these skin disorders through dermal fillers. The non-surgical tear trough fillers or eye bags removal treatment is really a ‘wow’ factor in the aesthetic medicine, and one of the most favourite treatment procedures for many people to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

A large number of tear troughs and eye bags are successfully corrected through an intricate application of hyaluronic acid fillers. The treatment is best performed using fine needles to get the optimal result. Normally, the non-surgical tear troughs and eye bags treatments are easy and quick with instant result.

What We Do?

Tear troughs and eye bags treatments at Dr. Venus are very accurate, implemented through a very careful puncture technique. Under a very sterile condition, we inject the dermal fillers under the eyes, just above the orbital bone for smoothening the transition between the lower eyelids and the cheeks. We inject several times and mold carefully through a proper massage along the target area. The treatment takes only 20-30 minutes with instant results. And it rejuvenates the aging eyes like no other way. The result may last between 12-18 months.


1. How long does the treatment normally take?

At Dr. Venus, the tear troughs and eye bags removal treatments take just 20-30 minutes. The results of these non-surgical treatments are instantaneous, which may last up to 18 months under normal cases.

2. Is the eye bags removal treatment right for me?

The suitability of the treatment for a patient is completely determined by the dermatologist who can thoroughly assess the eyes and eyelids of a patient. Upon proper assessment, the doctor designs the treatment as per the needs of the patient.

3. Does it hurt?

For most patients, the pain is minimal and well tolerated. Usually, there will be little to no discomfort. We apply a numbing cream to reduce the discomfort. During and after the treatment, there is a low risk of side effects as well.

4. How long will the treatment last?

Results of the treatment typically last up to 12 months, sometimes even longer, before the repeat treatment. The patients undergo repeated treatments enjoy long-lasting results.

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