Injectable Cheek Fillers in Hyderabad

Cheek Fillers: As we grow old, it’s natural to experience a sagging facial skin while losing its volume. Wrinkles and new lines appear. The fullness of the cheeks will be lost. In total, the skin appears hollow and saggy. The non-surgical fillers promise to diminish the lines, smooth the wrinkles, lift and tighten the facial skin tissues.

Having strong cheekbones is a sign of beautiful face. But, there’s often a facial volume loss as we age. If you have a sagging jawline and volume-less cheeks, these could be the best option.

These Fillers are an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure across the world. They add volume to the cheeks and give symmetry to the face. The fillers are injected into the targeted cheek area to restore the lost volume and youthfulness while lifting the facial skin.

How do we Lose Facial Volume?

As we age, our cheeks become hollow. A considerable amount of facial subcutaneous fat is lost due to which the skin loses its volume and elasticity. It causes the hollow cheekbones. The lost cheek volume can be best retained using Dermal Fillers or Cheek Fillers.

What are Cheek Fillers?

They use hyaluronic acid (HA) – a naturally-occurring substance found within the body – for adding volume on the face. Due to the inevitable process of aging, the amount of HA found in the skin diminishes. As a result, the skin loses its natural glow and youthfulness. They are inject hyaluronic acid back into the skin to add volume and youthful glow. Specially formulated cheek fillers provide the best face-lifting and skin-tightening solution.

What do Cheek Fillers do?

Before using dermal fillers to augment the cheeks, anesthetic injection or a numbing gel is used to numb the targeted area. Some dermatologists use a blunt cannula for enhancing the cheeks while reducing the potential discomfort during the treatment. A series of injections will be given to the patient. However, the depth and the number of injections are totally dependent on the result the patient wants to achieve.

Do Cheek Fillers Hurt?

These fillers add anesthetic injections before the filler is injected into the skin. The cosmetic procedure just takes 30 minutes to one hour. With minimal patient discomfort, the treatment team ensures a much more comfortable ambiance.

Cheek Fillers Cost in Hyderabad

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Are there any Side Effects?

Cheek Fillers Side Effects: After injecting these, the patient may face bruising, swelling or redness for a temporary period. The individuals can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment. Furthermore, the patients need to make sure the clinics offering chick fillers use advanced cheek fillers procedures with the support of accredited dermatologists.

How Long do Cheek Fillers Last?

The result of these fillers procedure may vary from patient to patient. They give you an instant, natural-looking face with added volume and youthfulness. In most cases, the initial results are evident within one week of the treatment, which may last up to 18 to 24 months. Depending on the severity of the skin condition, the patient may need to undergo several sessions to enjoy the long-lasting results.

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