Tattoo Removal in Hyderabad

Are you feeling upset about your tattoo and regret having it done? Let me help you to know more about tattoos and how to fix this problem of yours. The tattoo removal is done for various reasons. Some are removed for their Jobs, some for their personal reasons while others want to withdraw from it due to social stigma. Well, you are not alone here in this tattoo trouble. Read further and get to know better about tattoos.

Do you Like Tattoos? Here are some Facts about Tattoos you must Know Before you start Liking Them.

Tattoos have become more common not only among youngsters but also among all age groups. Earlier tattoos were socially unacceptable and are considered vulgar but it is gaining popularity in the present world. Tattooing is the practice of producing an inedible mark or figure on the human body by inserting a pigment under the skin using needles or other sharp instruments. Some countries like Denmark, Iran, Sri Lanka, UAE, Japan, North and South Korea ban tattoos and forbid them having on their body parts like face, head, hands , legs and neck. Once a British tourist was expelled from Colombo airport and sent back to her land as she had a Buddha tattoo on her arm. In Japan, 56% of hotels didn’t allow foreigners to enter the hotels with tattoos. One of the main disadvantages people are not aware of is that a person with a tattoo cannot donate blood to anyone at any point of time.

What Everybody Ought To Know about Tattoos

The ancient people were very creative and liked symbols and other common objects so, they started drawing them or painting them on caves, walls, houses, public places and slowly on human bodies including hands and legs. This gave them immense pleasure and happiness as each tattoo conveys certain message.

People tattoo their own names, their loved ones names or the messages they want to convey through tattoos. Then gradually dragons, butterflies, monuments, and animals rose to high demands. Some symbols like peace, musical notes and personal stories about one’s life are the most common tattoos found now-a-days. Tattoos design and size are wholly based on a person’s interest. Decorative tattoos are done using pigments in the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin) by professional tattoo makers or by amateurs.

Women are more drawn towards tattoos and design their body parts beautifully with tattoos. Men are attracted towards tattoos as they make them look more masculine. According to some people tattoo appears to give cool look to them, adds bonus to withdraw the attention of others. It is a piece of art for some art lovers but quite opposite to that for a sober human.

Tattoo Removal Cost in Hyderabad

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11 Things No One Ever Told You About Tattoos :

1. If you are interested in getting one done for yourself then think of it a hundred times before you initiate as 20% of the population in the world tend to remove it.

2. The number of people getting tattooed changes as some dies; some are getting it done when you are reading this while some are getting it removed.

3. Tattoo is not allowed in well dignified jobs. In many jobs like IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, Indian Defense Services, Army, Navy, Air force and some government jobs it is not allowed to have a tattoo. Some are declared medically unfit and are not hired because of their tattoos.

4. If the tattoo is not done without proper care and hygiene there is a risk of getting blood borne disease like HIV and other diseases like Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C etc.

5. The tattoos should be maintained with proper care and hygiene.

6. There is a higher chance of itchy rash in the skin due to tattoo.

7. Fever in some patients is noticed.

8. Some skin types get allergic to the ink on their body due to tattoo.

9. High risk of bacterial, viral or fungal infection is commonly found in patients with tattoo.

10. Some tattoo gets faded over time and are disliked.

11. An individual who once had her tattoo removal done at Dr. Venus Institute Of Skin And Hair shared her experience of changing her mind of removing it soon after it is done due to her working fashion and professionalism.

How To Get Rid Your Tattoos For Your Own Good?

The tattoos can be removed using Q-switch Laser which is the best way to eliminate it at a shorter interval of time. Tattoos done from amateurs are easy to remove within few sessions as they use less dense ink or carbon. The tattoos from a professional tattoo maker require a number of laser sessions as they use organic pigments with fine needles which penetrate in the skin at a uniform depth. The older the tattoo the harder it is to remove because of the pigment shifts to the deeper layers of the skin. Removal of bigger and colorful tattoos is more challenging than a small one or single colored tattoos. The reaction to the treatment is mainly based on the skin type of each patient. The laser impulse are quick and short to which the pigment responses and absorbs them. The high energy laser pulses have been designed, which are likely to heat the surrounding tissue and leave a scar. The laser energy burst and shatters the pigment particles of the tattoo.

Why Dr.Venus Institute of Skin And Hair Would be The Best Place For Tattoo Removal?

We at Dr. Venus Clinic focus and believe in hygienic lifestyle and healthy treatment. If you are troubled with your tattoo of any kind, we diagnose you depending upon your issue and provide you with the best solutions.

We do have treatments depending upon the category of the patient, particularly for cosmetic purpose. We use leading technology for treatments. We try to understand your problems much better and make sure to provide treatment with a positive approach.

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