Witnessing acne or pimples popping up on the oily skin is a day-to-day routine. You can consult a dermatologist or opt for super-expensive oil-control cosmetics, but it won’t stop until you change your lifestyle and opt for natural remedies for oily skin acne or pimples. Unless and until you don’t get used to the everyday care of your skin, no beauty pill or product is going to relieve you.

There are several factors that cause excess oil and acne on the skin, such as genetics, hormones, diet, and stress. Most people do not realize that one of the main causes of this skin problem is improper diet and not getting enough nutrients needed by the body.

To make this acne-ending journey easier for you, we have some remedies that will not only control oil coming out of your skin but also stop uninvited pimples from becoming your guest.

Let’s check them out:

1. Lemon

The use of lemon on the skin is one of the powerful remedies for acne caused due to oily skin. You can make a paste from the lemon juice and milk and apply this to the acne-affected areas on your skin. This will soothe the skin and help to remove the excess oil from your skin. However, this is not advisable for all types of skin.

2. Turmeric & Gram Flour

Another answer for oily skin acne is turmeric and gram flour. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce the inflammation caused by acne, while gram flour is expert at controlling oil coming out of your skin. All you require to do is to make a paste of both the ingredients and apply it to the affected areas. 

3. Essential Oils

Many of these remedies for acne include ingredients such as Lavender, Rosemary, Neem, Tea Tree, and Chamomile. These ingredients can get your skin feel very smooth. You might find that the oil reduces redness too. You can even make use of lemon or lemongrass essential oil. Just keep them in glass bottles in your room and use them mixed with your lotion, rose water, or as described by your dermatologist. Just seek expert advice before applying them to your skin, and try them on a tiny part of your skin before directly applying them to your face. 

4. Intake Nutrients

It is important that you get plenty of vitamins, especially vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, and omega-three fatty acids, to keep your skin clear and healthy. If you have a dry skin problem, it is important that you apply a good moisturizer to prevent further damage to your skin. You also need to change your day-to-day lifestyle habits and include exercise in it so that you can get your toxins out in a sweat, not through the pimples.

5. Prescription Drugs

If you’re willing to remove acne quickly and effectively, then it can be done through the use of prescription drugs and by following a strict regime of health and nutrition. Prescription drugs are usually used by people who suffer from more severe forms of acne. Even though there are numerous over-the-counter drugs, still before trying any treatment, it is important to know what the root cause of your condition is. Also, any drugs or pills should be taken only after these are prescribed by an expert dermatologist. 

6. Laser Treatment

When it comes to removing acne through laser treatment, there are many factors that you should consider. Different skin types do react differently to the treatment. For this reason, it is important that you talk to your doctor before deciding which procedure to have. With the laser, you can get rid of your acne in no time while bearing no pain at all. Keep in mind that these treatments work differently on different people depending on the type of acne and their skin type. Also, if the initial procedure did not work, then you may have to have more than one procedure done in order for the acne to disappear completely.

Why choose us?

  • Consult – Whether it’s in person or online, we start by setting up one-on-one consultation to understand the needs of the person and then provide the necessary solution.
  • Examine – We evaluate the four areas that could be the source of your recurring breakouts
  • Personalize – We create a personalized regime selecting products that meet your unique skin needs since every skin is different and requires different treatment.
  • Roadmap – Designed to eliminate acne triggers, we provide you with daily routine to clear your skin.
  • Monitor – We ensure you’re on the right path to clear skin by monitoring your progress at each step of the process.
Laser Pimple Treatment

You will find that there remain many different remedies and clinical treatments available for reducing/removing acne. You just need to be careful about the ingredients and ask an expert before using them on your skin. Do your research thoroughly before you try any of them.

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