How to Reduce Hip Fat?

There is absolutely no explanation to why fat loves to rest on our hips. It gets really frustrating because hip fat is just plain stubborn!

Fat tends to rest in our hips and it’s completely natural. Do not punish yourself for having a body that follows the rules of nature. Rather, focus on learning how to target hip fat. If you’re looking for the right tips and technologies to help you with it, we have got you covered.

1. Count those calories carefully:

Counting calories might have felt terrible in the past, but this time, we can make it fun. Download a calorie counting app or jot down calories in your journal. Once you write something, it becomes a solid thought. Then you can cut down on the food high on calories accordingly.

2. Slurp on apple cider vinegar:

If you are wondering how to lose hip fat without exercise, then start drinking apple cider vinegar. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and sip it while you read your morning paper.

3. Switch to green tea:

Instead of drinking regular tea or coffee, switch to green tea. Green tea contains anti-oxidants and boosts your metabolism as well.

4. Rise above your salt:

Excessive salt intake can cause water retention in your body. Switch to sea salt. Sea salt helps to reduce accumulated fat and is very good for your health.

5. Go coconutty:

Instead of using those regular oils, switch to coconut oil. Coconut oil boosts your metabolism and does not get accumulated as useless fat.

6. Squat your fat away:

Squats is the best exercise to reduce hips and buttocks. Squats essentially target fat in your thigh and hip area. It helps keep your thigh muscles toned and not flabby.

7. Be a yoga pro:

Yoga is all about bringing flexibility in your body. The asanas will relax your muscles and help you reduce your hip fat. Yoga also helps in toning your body.

8. Explore inch loss treatment:

YThe innovative technology of inch loss applies guided ultrasound energy to the areas of your body containing subcutaneous fat cells. This non-surgical treatment by Dr. Venus allows you to lose fat in inches. Without any recovery time and scars you can lose fat from your hips permanently.

9. Reduce cellulite with Dr. Venus:

Cellulite is common skin fat that makes your skin appear dimpled. This is caused because of the expansion of fat cells under your skin. Through cellulite reduction treatment provided by Dr. Venus, controlled radio-frequency heating is delivered that reduces the fat cell volume and regenerates collagen fibre for long-term skin tightening.

10. Remove fat technologically with TriLipo:

Dr. Venus provides TriLipo, an advanced non-invasive inchloss method of fat removal. Without any surgery, you can get rid of your hip fat permanently. TriLipo combines the three most important procedures for fat-removal—destruction of fat cells, removal of fat cells, and skin tightening. In this method, guided radio frequency energy is applied to the treated area to destroy the subcutaneous fat cells. Once the fat turns into liquid, your body’s natural fat drainage system, that is also called the lymphatic system, disposes of away all the dead fat cells. Lastly, long-term collagen rejuvenation is activated for skin tightening and elimination of cellulite.

11. Destroy fat cells with Cooltech:

Cooltech is an advanced body sculpting and contouring technology provided by Dr. Venus, which is designed to treat localized fat pockets. In this non-invasive method, the process of apoptosis (controlled cell death) is activated through controlled cooling. An adjustable applicator vacuum device is used on the treated area to apply controlled cooling which crystallizes the fat cells and destroys them.

1. What Are The Advantages of Cooltech® Treatment?

Cooltech® treatment reduces the subcutaneous fat in your body with controlled cooling technology. An adjustable applicator vacuum helps cool the fatty tissue and produce apoptosis selectively.

2. How Many Sessions Will Be Needed?

This totally depends on the body of the person availing the treatment. But approximately, you would need somewhere between 1-3 sessions every 6-8 weeks in the same area.

3. How Much Does The Treatments Require?

A 70-minute treatment session is recommended for each treated area. The preparation time ranging between 15-30 minutes needs to be considered as well.

4. Will It Be Painful?

Slight discomfort can be felt because of the very cold temperature. But normally such discomfort occurs during the first few minutes of the treatment only. It’s slightly painful but can be easily tolerated.

5. When Can We Expect Visible Result?

You can begin to notice visible results after 15 days. And after 3 months, you will be able to see a significant fat reduction.

Your body goals can be attained, but only when you are willing to put in efforts. And by following these tips and techniques you can surely reduce hip fat easily.

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