Your skin is the mirror to your immune system. Whatever you eat or do, shows up on your skin. So you need to take good care of it, especially during this crisis.

There are numerous skin treatments for a variety of skin issues such as lacerations, scratching, needling, pre-existing infections or diseases of skin, wounds, and burns. Treating yourself to primary skin treatments can be dangerous at a time like this when the coronavirus is at its peak.

These days, people are trying dermatological practices at home without the supervision of an expert. You can find YouTube videos of people micro-needling at home and providing quick, easy and cheap remedies to try them yourself. These are not advisable because if things go wrong, the dermatological patients can be at risk of exposing themselves to attack of micro-organisms which put them at a higher risk of getting infected with COVID-19.

According to studies, our skin is considered a part of our immune system. It acts as a shield and protects us from not just harmful UV rays but several other environmental stimuli. Hence, it is significant to take care of your skin as it is one of the most critical aspects of our body.

Do you think you are doing enough to keep the skin safe? Keep calm and read on.

1. Say yes to everything natural:

Now is an excellent time to try a natural healing therapy. Practice natural AND HEALTHY EATING HABITS, healthy walk, positivity and active habits. A healthy jog pumps up the body and leaves the skin feeling great. Sit quietly and meditate to enhance the experience of calmness and peace. Have valuable family time with conversations, and helping each other at home.

2. Let the eyes sleep:

The coronavirus can spread through the eyes and face too. Avoid touching them unnecessarily. Have a good night sleep properly for 6-8 hours. Do not be awake till morning and sleep all-day as this may lead to serious health issues, and it reduces your immunity.

3. Washing your hands isn’t enough:

Wash hands with soap to keep away the coronavirus.However, excessive hand-washing with detergents or soaps may
cause contact dermatitis. Moisturize your hand with a suitable cream and use ethanol for hand hygiene. Also, wash hands or wear gloves before you go out and touch anything. Exposure to body fluids or touching an infected item can be dangerous. If you’re using latex gloves, don’t forget to wear cotton gloves underneath them. Also, moisturize well with a topical cream.

4. Stock up on nuts:

The stronger your immunity, the safer you are. And nuts are known to do just that. Almonds, walnuts, cashews, dried fig and all the nuts will keep you safe and have a glowing effect on the skin too. So, stock up on your nuts this pandemic.

5. Experts will be experts:

Wearing gloves, masks, and other protective gears all time can damage the skin and hair. It is normal to experience rashes and to lose hair. But, do not overlook them as it might get worse. The best way would be not to depend on home treatments and consult an expert. Dr.Venus is an expert in treating skin and hair issues caused by sanitizers, gloves, masks and the overall stress.

The pandemic is life-threatening; a little precaution can save many lives. From practising self-care to treating skin conditions, this is an excellent time to lay back and focus on yourself. Given how long it takes to recover from coronavirus, and the stress it causes, it is better not to expose yourself to it in the first place. Stay safe and take good care of yourself.

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