How to create body shapes you always pondered?

Are you looking for ways to reduce your stubborn fat and build your muscles? Have you ever tried hitting the gym constantly but was never satisfied? All your hard work will pay now, and you might be able to see a clear difference with the all-new FDA approved EMSCULPT TREATMENT! It has become easy with the non-invasive body sculpting machine to attain a beautiful body shape without thinking about surgery in a short duration. It reverses the rapid fat again.

how to create body shapes without gym

Emsculpt will be the absolute treatment options for those who are looking for a non-invasive body contouring treatment. It is suitable for candidates who are looking for burning those extra stubborn fats and tone the muscles. The device will be placed on some parts of the body like the abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks to build muscles. It works as the High Energy-Focused Electromagnetic Wave contracts the body muscle beneath the skin, increasing muscle density. It also reduces excessive fat effectively.

how to create body shapes without gym

What’s new and impressive about EMSCULPT?

  1. The main purpose of the treatment is to attain muscle toning and reducing fat in difficult areas like “love handles”, belly fat, arms, thighs, and buttocks. It is a multifunctional body shaping device.
  2. In one session, the muscle contracts greater than 35,000 times and the muscle mass increases by 16%.
  3. It shapes the abdomen, vest line, peach hips, mermaid line and is suitable for slimming.
  4. It is a bar of happy news for men to have an athletic look and to attain a gym body by this treatment.
  5. It provides a youthful look and proper posture of the body.

6. During the process, the patient will experience maximum super-contraction of body muscles and a large amount of fat breakdown.
7. It improves the lines and curves.
8. It makes profound remodelling of muscle.
9. It provides a well-toned appearance. It is particularly suitable for post-partum mothers who have increased abdominal circumference and loose belly.
10. It is super effective than an exhausting exercise.
11. Say no to scars, anaesthesia, burns, swelling and scalpels now.

As you have seen above how the Emsculpt works, let us now discuss some common doubts that would arise in you!

Is this a permanent treatment?

You can easily see a noticeable difference within few weeks to few months after the treatment. Muscle mass may begin to diminish after six months. A follow-up treatment every six months to a year will be helpful to maintain. To maintain the results, the patient must follow regular exercise and a healthy diet.

2. Who are suitable for EMSCULPT treatment?

Any adult who wants to lose extra fat and wants to build their body muscles can opt for the treatment. 

It is not suitable for patients with excessive fat, with any other health concerns, post-operative patients, patients with an implant in the body, wounded area, filler area, pregnant women, heart disease patients, etc

3. What is the treatment duration?

Doctors generally schedule a tailored treatment plan based on the patient’s need. It is a 30-minute procedure with a minimum of four sessions scheduled every 3-4 days interval.

4. How many sessions are required?

Based on the amount of deposition of fat and the muscle to be toned in a particular area of the body, it might vary from 4-10 sessions. The sessions might increase based on the requirement.

5. Does it hurt?

No, the treatment is not painful. The procedure might cause some vibrating or a tingling sensation.

6. Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime after the treatment. The patient might feel tingling, contracting and other sensations during the procedure. One can relax and lay down during the session. After the treatment patient will experience soreness in the treated area, just like how it feels after a rigorous workout session

7. What are the precautions needed post-treatment?

After treatment:

1. Drink more water
2. Avoid alcohol
3. Avoid overeating
4. Take protein-rich food and supplement
5. Eat less fatty food
6. Follow healthy eating habits and daily exercise.

In case of any further queries, feel free to contact our clinic. Our dermatologists and specialist will help you.

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