Hair Loss in Women

What is Hair Loss? Are You An Innocent Victim Of Hair Loss?

Hair loss has become a UNIVERSAL concern. Are you fed up about your hair found on your pillows and in the combs while brushing? There are many types, ways and causes in which one loses hair. You might be pondering, “Why Me, Don’t I Have Enough Troubles in My Life Already?” This stress may also be one of the important reasons for hair loss. Stop stressing and chill! Stressing may worsen your condition and will lead you nowhere. This blog will be a KEY TO HAIR LOSS IN WOMEN AND THE GUIDE TO TREAT THEM.

Hair loss in women is very commonly found and an individual loses up to 50-100 hair strands every day which is quite normal. Pattern hair loss is prevalent in both male and female. Male pattern hair loss is called as ANDROGENIC MALE ALOPECIA OR MALE BALDING which is androgen-dependent likewise, Female pattern hair loss is also known as FEMALE ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA but the order of hair fall in both the gender is unique.

Surprising Causes Of Your Hair Loss

Some hormones such as thyroid hormone and androgen levels may also disturb the growth of your hair. Even if all these are normal and you heard that “Sleeplessness causes hair loss” and you tried sleeping for good 8-9 hours daily but still faced the hair loss problem, you are agitated. After facing the entire problem and escaping somehow the bacteria and fungus are ready to attack your scalp and is one of the major causes for hair loss residing on your scalp and making a home to cherish. The trichologist (hair and scalp specialist) may advise some blood test to check the nutrients like iron and vitamin which is responsible for hair growth.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

It is important to realize that in women hair loss can be due to other deficiency disease or the result of heredity. In some women, hair loss is mostly found after menopause. Consulting a Trichologist at the earliest convenience is the smart choice to control the hair loss. Typically, the hair density reduces but it is not a sudden process. The hair follicles shrink. The excessive hair shedding than the normal and the loss of hair volume leads to the obvious depletion of hair density. It starts from thinning the hair on the crown area. The growing phase of hair will be slower than usual hair growth. Women don’t lose hair completely like how men lose and become bald. The part line hair loss is a major indication in women for pattern hair loss.

Thinking Hair In Women

Most women in their early 25-35 years of age silently bear the hair loss due to thinning of hair. This leads to patchy and bald scalp. It has become a sad reality of losing more than 500 strands of hair in the shower without giving much thought about how to take care of it. Worrying is not an answer to stop the hair loss. Although the thinning cannot be eradicated completely but it can be taken care of to reduce the onset and to control the hair loss sooner than regretting it later. Miss X, a patient from DR. Venus Institute Of Skin And Hair who had thinning of hair and was very upset about it spent isolated time in front of the mirror watching her scalp in the mirror and trying very many hair styles just to hide her patchy and bald area. She started losing her confidence, used scarves to cover her head or stayed home just to avoid people noticing her serious hair issue. Luckily, she consulted the trichologist. In spite of the fact that she was in a grave hair loss state, she regained 60-70% of hair during the first few months of the treatment and medication.

Hair Loss In Women And Female Pattern Baldness

Hair loss has become the most common problem throughout the globe. Alopecia or baldness is the terms used to denote hair loss in any region of the body including the head. The hair loss can be extreme to some people in some areas while it can be very less to some based on various factors. Hair grows on the human body excluding the soles of our feet and the palm of our hands. The hair follicles in the outer layer of the skin are responsible for the growth of hair.

Our hair is made up of protein called Keratin. Whenever new hair cells are produced by the follicles the old cells are pushed out. This rises for about 6 inches (15cm) per year. Basically, our hair is a dead keratin cells in the form of a string. The amount of hair growth is very slow in old age. We cannot fully blame the diet and other lacking habits for hair loss. Genes, heredity and hormones also play a vital role.

Spectacular Hair Loss Treatment For Women

In order to offer our patients more effective hair therapy we provide hair transplantation. Over the past few years, hair transplantation achieved consistent aesthetic results. Both men and women undergo hair transplantation to look elegant and to attain the goal of fuller hair. It has been acknowledged worldwide to recover the patchy and bald area.

We use FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION (FUE) METHOD for transplantation. The main advantage of this type of transplantation is that there are neither stitches, sutures nor any scars in the donor area and it is less painful compared to FOLLICUAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION (FUT) METHOD.

1. The hair transplantation is the most common transplantation procedure performed all over the country.
2. Transplantation is a technique used to regain and re-grow the lost hair, patchy hair and scattered hair without much pain. Our special surgeon will first decide the donor area for transplantation.
3. The number of grafts to be planted will be advised by our surgeon depending upon the density essential for transplantation.
4. The number of grafts needed to implant for cosmetic purpose will be planned.
5. Local anesthesia will be given to the person undergoing the treatment so as to make the area numb.
6. Each follicular Unit is individually taken out directly in this method and implanted one at a time.
7. The grafts are harvested using latest technology punch.
8. Using the implanters the specialist appropriately places the grafts in the scalp.
9. After the procedure, it takes quite a long time to acquire the rich density of hair to grow and multiply.
10. It takes a period of few months to develop an appealing hair.
11. The hair looks quite irregular during the first year of transplantation but during the second, third and the consecutive years the hair looks more natural and organized.
12. The scalp gets cured by itself and some common antibiotics will be prescribed for the healing process.
13. There will be no restriction after the transplantation with respect to washing, cleaning and maintaining the hair.

One Stop Female Hair Loss Treatment

If you are in extreme condition in hair loss we diagnose you using different techniques like hair analysis, hair pull test, blood test, and scalp test.

We do have treatments to have effective results like ILS, LLLT and Hair Transplantation surgery depending upon the category of the patient and the identification of the problem faced by the patient.

Why Dr.Venus Institute Of Skin And Hair Would Be The Best Place For Hair Transplantation?

We at Dr. Venus Clinic focus and believe in hygienic lifestyle and healthy treatment. If you are troubled with your irregular and patchy hair as well as hair loss we diagnose you depending upon your issue and provide you with best solutions.

We do have treatments depending upon the category of the patient particularly for cosmetic purpose. We use leading technology for treatments. We try to understand your problems much better and make sure to provide treatment with a positive approach.

NOTE: All the procedures mentioned above should be done under the advice and consultation of the dermatologists and trichologist.


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