Introduction: Acne is a medical skin problem that causes spots, pimples that lowers the confidence of those affected, and need immediate Dermatologist consultation to avoid or minimize scarring.

Facts About Pimples:

The below are the seven quick facts about a pimple treatment.
1. Acne causes due to multiple-factors and unique for each individual and the acne treatments suggested vary from individual to individual.
2. Acne left unattended lead to permanent scarring.
3. Acne is a medical problem and not just a cosmetic one.
4. Standard mode for acne treatment through oral medication and medical skin treatments, Laser Therapy and Chemical Peels.
5. Using appropriate creams and sunscreens can also help with acne
6. Resistant acne not cured through the normal process of treatment, oral Antibiotics and isotretinoin can be used.
7. Acne Can be completely cured.

Acne Causes?

There are multiple factors that contribute to the formation of acne. A bacterium named Propionibacterium acnes (p.acnes) has also been linked as on of the factor for cause acne.

A Excess oil and sebum production aggravated by hormonal impacts on sebaceous glands, as well as dead skin physically blocking pores can cause acne. All treatments planned for acne will focus one or more of these issues.

There is also a substantial study linked genetic component to acne showing more than 80 percent factors cause acne are genetic. Also, the production of oil or sebum from the skin is mainly inherited. There have been no proof showing that acne is caused or aggravated by once diet, contrary to the myth that certain foods can worsen acne.

Improper make-up or moisturizers can also be comedogenic, that block pores and cause blackheads. Finding right skin care and make-up is a key part of treating acne.


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