Are you tired of using multiple skincare products and failing miserably to get glowing skin? Picture perfect skin feels like unachievable skin goals for most of us.

The perfect skin takes more than just putting on amounts of cleansers, scrubs and exfoliators on your skin day after day. Your skin absorbs every bit of the food you put into your body. Filtering out the junk from your diet can help to bring out the best version of your skin.

We’ve heard the usual advice of “cutting down on greasy, oily food and avoiding sugary treats” way too many times. So let’s head dive into the secret of food that makes you love your skin. Because, your natural glow is just a simple diet away. Here are some tips to design a vegetarian diet chart for glowing skin.

1. Avoid refined carbohydrates

One of the biggest devils your skin will have to fight in order to get that amazing skin is refined carbs”, i.e., processed sugar and processed flour, which break down into sugar. These feed the bad bacteria in your gut. Since acne is a bacterial condition, excess consumption can result in breakouts.

2. Feast on greens
Avocados, spinach, broccoli, green tea and, just greens, in general, are the best foods for clear skin.
3. Mega changes with Omega 3

Chia and flaxseeds, walnuts, leafy greens, hemp seeds, brussels sprouts, and vegetable oils are all foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids. They protect skin cells against sun-induced inflammation and help control how the body responds to UV rays.

4. Protein repairs the skin

Protein repairs tissues and constructs new ones. Consuming a variety of whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables make sure that the hair, skin, and nails, get sufficient amounts of protein.

5. Eat a Rainbow

Eating the rainbow diet will give you a combination of different natural phytonutrients from fruits, vegetables and spices in six different colours and are good food for glowing skin in a month. Rainbow diets support skin colour and glow, plus provide support against environmental challenges such as UV rays, pollution and smoke.

6. Never forget to hydrate yourself

Drinking your regular 8 glasses of water a day is crucial. Giving your body plenty of liquids helps to flush out harmful toxins from within, resulting in fresher and clearer looking skin.

Sometimes, unhealthy looking skin can be a result of hormonal differences that cannot completely be changed just from improving your diet. Dr. Venus has a range of specialized treatments to help overcome your skin dilemma:

1. Skin Lightening/Tightening/Polishing
2. Anti-Aging Service
3. Scar Reduction Process
4. Wart/Birth Marks/ Moles Removal
5. Acne scar treatment

A. SUBCISION: The scarred area is first numbed with local anesthesia and the skin tissues that are at the base of the scar are released using specially made needles, reducing scar depth.

B. PIXEL LASER RESURFACING: Pixel stimulates collagen production, improving almost all types of scars. It rejuvenates your skin appearance dramatically and encourages younger skin to emerge. This lets the colour and texture of your skin to remove all blemishes.

C. PEELS: Flat scars and pigmented scars can be removed with superficial peels treatment. The top layers of skin peel off and reveal clear unblemished skin within 4-5 days.

D. DERMAL FILLERS: The acne scars are filled up with Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance produced in the skin. Only US FDA approved fillers are used with anesthetics for minimal discomfort.

6. Pimple Treatment: The specialist doctor does an elaborate assessment of your skin and then designs the treatment plan. Based on the severity of skin disorder, you will be given anti-inflammatory medications that can flatten out pimples within 48 hours.

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