Everyone will have a question i.e how to get rid of pimples in his/ her methods. Pimples are that pesky thing, that no matter what age you might be, always manage to show up at the worst possible time – just when you’re getting ready to go out, be it for a big function, wedding or even a date.

There can be nothing more frustrating that seeing a zonker on your nose or forehead, right when you are trying to look your best, making that particular hope impossible.

While pimples, they say, are usually found in teenagers, they always find a way to remain a part of your life, and as mentioned above, manage to come at the most inopportune of moments.

So, just what do you do when you find an ugly pimple on your nose, forehead or elsewhere? After all, apart from being bad to look at, these pimples can also turn out to be pretty painful, especially if you pop one of them a little prematurely.

Look no further for all the solutions to your pimple travails.

First, you need to understand what causes pimples?

Well, to put it simply, pimples are caused by a clogged pore of skin. And the cause of that? Could be anything from dirt, oily skin, dandruff – particularly a cause of forehead pimples – and more.

You can also know the treatment & procedure of the pimples.

I. How to Get Rid of Pimples on Forehead and Nose?

1. Essential oils:

Now, this is an age-old recipe for getting rid of pimples and something that does seem to work well. Try from a range of oils from tea tree oil to lavender to rosemary and thyme.

2. Lime juice:

Lemon juice really can be a life-saver for many problems, and pimples are one of them, which is why you see so many of the face washes on the market with lime as an ingredient. The lime helps to knock out the bacteria that are the major cause of the pimple, which in turn helps in fighting off that pesky zit.

3. Tomato:

Much like a lime, a tomato, something that is pretty much always lying at home, can also be a good ingredient to get rid of acne. Applying the juice of a tomato to the affected area can sometimes get rid of the problem.

Of course, how effective it is depends on the individual, their skin type and what kind of acne they have. But, tomatoes, and its juice, have been found to be effective in helping get rid of forehead acne. Applying it on the affected area for a while, usually does help in droves and the fact that you always have a tomato lying around the house makes that task so much easier.

4. Eggs:

Another ingredient that is invariably found at most homes. Make sure you separate the eggs – i.e. the whites and yolk – and use the egg white, before applying it to the affected area.

Egg whites are known to be able to get that wet and ugly pimple into the drying stage quicker, which in turn makes it heal quicker. And which then means you can walk out of that house, pimple free.

5. Stay away from excess sugar and dairy:

Not only is sugar bad for your general health, but too much sugar can lead to a considerable increase in pimples. It is pretty simple – sugar is a good friend of bacteria, bacteria causes pimples, and hence, cutting out sugar, stops you feeding that pimple-causing bacteria.

Dairy have also shown to be the cause of acne in the recent past, so cutting out the milk and butter might be a good idea, particularly if the pimples keep persisting.

II. Getting rid of Pimples in a Hurry? (2 Simple Tricks)

You’re half an hour away from an important meeting, interview, date, and you realize you have a pimple capable of covering the Great Wall of China! What do you do?

Here are a few solutions to get rid of the pimple ASAP.
1. Ice:

Especially for those red pimples, ice is a good solution, a solution that can help in immediately getting rid of or, at least, reducing the size, of the pimple. Ice will help in cooling down the affected area, but do make sure the pimple does not make direct contact with the ice.

Tie the ice up in a cloth and gently rub it in the affected area, and leave it on there for a while.

2. Salt water:

A simple, yet effective, solution. Mix sea salt with some water, dab the liquid on the affected areas and, presto, your face should feel a whole lot better. Sea salt has anti microbes which should help in keeping the pimples away from your face.

III. How to Get Rid of Pimples Permanently using Home Remedies?

1. Turmeric:

We all know the many wonderful antiseptic properties of turmeric, which is why Indians use it in pretty much every dish. Turmeric, dissolved in water, can be applied to the face and after letting it sit for half an hour or so, wash it off. This, regularly used, will help in keeping the pesky acne out of your life.

2. Honey:

The nectar of the Gods as they say. Honey is not just sweet to the tongue, it can act as a sweet ingredient in getting rid of the pimples. Honey is known for its anti-bacterial properties, which means stopping the main aspect that makes a pimple grow.

3. Add Cinnamon to the honey:

Combining cinnamon with honey is another effective solution. Make a paste out of cinnamon and honey – let’s say a tablespoon each of the two ingredients – and apply it on your face. Sleep on it, and see what wonders it does to your skin, especially in ensuring those pimples do not return.

4. Cucumber:

This vegetable is not just good for salads, it can be an effective tool to get rid of acne as well. Regularly applying the juice of a cucumber on the face helps in keeping the pesky pimples away.

A. The same can also be said of a Tomato:

Apply the juice of a tomato on the face or other usually affected areas of your body, and you will be successful in keeping that pimple away from your life.

B. Diet:

As mentioned above, the wrong diet can lead to an increase in the presence of pimples.

Excess sugar in your diet is a precursor for acne, as can be dairy. So making sure you keep a healthy diet, filled with the right amount of minerals, carbo hydrates and protein is essential.

Basically, the more fruit and vegetables you eat – because they contain natural minerals that are good for your body – the better it is for your skin.

C. Green tea:

Apart from being a cleanser for the insides of your body, green tea can work wonders for your skin as well. Applying green tea – dissolved in water, of course – onto your face, and leaving it overnight has been known to work really well in preventing acne from coming back over and over again.

D. Oats:

Now that oats are so popular for a healthy breakfast, finding this particular ingredient is not that big an issue. Making a paste out of the oatmeal – preferably with a bit of honey – and applying it on your face can help considerably in keeping the pimples away.

E. Neem:

The powder of the neem, dissolved, and applied to the affected areas is another solution for acne.

So, go ahead and use all of these ingredients and see how it helps in kicking out those pimples from your life.


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