Is Reducing Belly Fat Really Important?

Belly fat deposition is most common in women than in men and there are many factors behind this. Research in the United Kingdom proved that men and women who had bulky belly had greater risk of heart attack. Overall health deteriorates because of fat around your waist. Women, in general, gain their fat especially around their waist after menopause or post-delivery. As women get older the lifestyle and hormonal changes result in abnormal fat deposition on any area of the body especially “the belly”. Both men and women with pot bellies feel lethargic, have low self-esteem and sometimes feel awkward about their own body and recall the happy days when they were once fit and fine.

When I met my colleague yesterday and when the conversation flowed she disclosed that her mom was Obese and is facing numberless health issues. This is because she neglected her fat deposition in her body during her early days. Reducing your belly and burning the belly fat is not a one day task, it is not too difficult as traveling to Mars, it may just need some hard work, courage, determination and time to decrease your belly.

Before you start any of these techniques below, all you need is a measuring tape to measure your belly. A Fat caliper tool would also be a better option to keep track of your change. Record your waist size in your notepad every day. Compare and contrast your recordings after you follow any of the steps discussed in this blog.

How to reduce belly fat naturally at home?

How to reduce belly fat overnight?

1. What are the advantages of cooltech® treatment?
Cooltech® treatment reduces the subcutaneous fat in your body with controlled cooling technology. An adjustable applicator vacuum helps cool the fatty tissue and produces apoptosis selectively.
2. How many sessions will be needed?
This totally depends on the body of the person availing the treatment. But approximately, you would need somewhere between 1-3 sessions every 6-8 weeks in the same area.
3. How much time does the treatment require?
A 70-minute treatment session is recommended for each treated area. The preparation time ranging between 15-30 minutes needs to be considered as well.
4. Will it be painful?
Slight discomfort can be felt because of the very cold temperature. But normally such discomfort occurs during the first few minutes of the treatment only. It’s slightly painful but can be easily tolerated.
5. When can we expect visible results?
You can begin to notice visible results after 15 days. And after 3 months, you will be able to see a significant fat reduction.
The Bottom Line

Yes, belly fat is stubborn, but reducing it is definitely possible.
Everything depends on your level of commitment and perseverance.
By adopting a proper lifestyle backed with advanced technology, you can easily lose those extra pounds from your belly.

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