Melasma Treatment In Hyderabad

What Is Melasma

The pigmentation and skin colouration often found in women particularly on the face is known as Melasma. It is mostly found on cheeks, chin, upper lip, and nose and near the forehead areas. It is caused due to various reasons like UV radiation and other harmful rays of the sun. Furthermore, it is because of the hormonal imbalance or changes, menstrual disorder, pregnancy, menopause. The use of oral contraceptive pills also affects Melasma. Know the complete melasma treatments and measures.


This condition cannot be healed quickly but can be taken care of to lessen the quality of Melasma. Proper care without being exposed to sun at a higher level and continuing the treatment and remedies suggested by our specialist will slowly control the pigmentation to fade away.

Chemical peel is one of the techniques used to treat Melasma. The dead skin cells are removed to reduce the rate of pigmentation. The skin is disinfected and cleaned before the peel.

Our Work

  • Skin Treatment 96% 96%
  • Hair Treatment 94% 94%
  • Non-Surgical Face Treatment 98% 98%
  • Cosmetology Training 92% 92%
  • Inch Loss 85% 85%

Chemical Peels According To Their Strength Are Listed Below:

I. Melasma Treatments for mild-pigmentation the given peels are preferred which are mild:

a. Azelan

b. Melanostop

c. Lactic 30%

d. Melaspeel K

e. Pyrulac

II.Melasma Treatments: The moderate pigmentation peels which are suitable for moderate skin types are:

a. Salicylic 30%

b. Lactic 40%

c. Glycolic 50%

d. Nomelan

e. Modified Jessner

III.Melasma Treatments: For hyper-pigmentation the following peels are used:

a. TCA

b. TCA 25%

c. TCA 35%



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