First, let us know how to reduce belly fat within 3 days.

How to reduce belly fat in 3 days?

The belly fat didn’t appear within three short days suddenly right? So the sad yet bitter truth is that you won’t get your bulky belly fit within three quick days but you can reduce your belly fat slowly. Increase demand in losing belly fat started for a decade. People are working and thinking attentively a lot about health and looks more than ever. This made technology to research more and find a solution in the form of HIGH INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRA-SOUND (HIFU). The extra layer of fat around your belly can be eliminated using HIFU. Heat from this ultrasound will be targeted to your belly fat. Contouring your belly is now easy, less painful and safe. This is not a permanent procedure for your belly fat but it shows few inches difference from Day 3 to Day 15 after your first HIFU session. You may require a number of sessions depending on the fat deposition around your belly after consulting with our experienced doctors. To know more about HIFU you can have free counseling sessions with our cosmetologists.

5 simple steps to reduce your belly fat within one week/ 7 days

For a seven-day trick to burn your belly fat the key is to follow some simple steps. Some may wonder the steps are not simple to follow after reading them but the gradual fat took longer time to deposit and made your belly feel like what it is now. So, to make a little change little effort is also required.

Step 1:

Visit a dietician, check your BMI and plan your nutrition intake accordingly. Your nutritionist will automatically reduce your sugar intake, add more water to the plan and will also make you follow a high protein diet.

Step 2:

After planning your diet plan start implementing it effectively along with a seven-day schedule exercises involving running for 10 minutes followed by some sit-up, abs- crunch, leg raise and push-ups. Do not tire yourself the very first day.

Step 3:

Start with 10-20 crunches per day and slowly increase the count day by day. Also try side crunches, vertical leg crunch. Rolling plank and reverse crunch is also advisable.

Step 4:

Walk for 5-10 minutes after every meal to a nearby store or park. Use your corridors and verandas as well.

Step 5:

One of the effective ways to reduce belly fat in seven days is to swim continuously for seven days for an hour. If you are interested in Cycling like me, start cycling for 10-15 minutes every day and increase the cycling time progressively.

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