It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Dauntless Dandruff

What is dandruff?

Did you ever come across the thought of what dandruff is? And how to get rid of dandruff? Ever wondered what it is? This few minutes of reading will clear you how to control the embarrassing situation of dandruff you are dealing with.

It’s a skin condition that affects the scalp area of your body causing irritation. The white and dry scale of dead skin found on your scalp (skin covering the head region) is dandruff. The onset of dandruff doesn’t have any particular age or time. It might develop at any age. It is a common condition found among 50% of today’s population and is very common in men than women. Many people don’t even know that they have it. Dandruff has nothing to do with the hair on your head but it’s about the skin on your scalp. Skin cells that die faster don’t last longer than the normal one is dandruff. A typical type of fungus known as Malassezia that lives in almost all adult head without harming us is responsible for dandruff. It is not contagious and doesn’t spread from one person to another. The vast majority of population having dandruff is completely healthy, so do not worry too much.

1. Seborrhea is a medical condition which affects the back, face and skin on your scalp or body causing discomfort accompanied by itchy red skin. Seborrhea of the scalp is known as dandruff.

2. Seborrhea Sicca- It is due to dry skin on the scalp.

3. Seborrhea Oleosa- It is due to oily patches on your scalp.

4. Seborrheic dermatitis or Seborrheic eczema is the term used to specify a skin condition which makes the scalp rough, dry and sometimes itchy causing discomfort for an individual. The common name for Seborrheic dermatitis is dandruff if it on the head. Seborrheic dermatitis can also be found on any region of the body. In babies, it is called cradle cap. An individual who develop dandruff due to the following reasons and types are based on its onset:


Reasons For Dandruff

1. Increased oil production.

2. Hormonal Changes

3. Infrequent shampooing

4. Dandruff due to Psoriasis

5. Weather extremes

6. Family history

7. Stress- It doesn’t cause dandruff but if you are under stress, the body cannot combat against dandruff to stop.

8. Fatigue

9. Rich use of alcoholic products

10. People with severe illness like HIV or Parkinson’s disease might develop dandruff

11. Suppression of the immune system.

Eighteen Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Dandruff Permanently

1. Dandruff is annoying and irritating at times. Some dandruff Say good bye on its own within few months of its onset while in some cases it resides until shooing them away with medication and treatment using anti-fungal and anti-dandruff shampoo.

2. Some living habits without proper hygiene cause dandruff. The best way to prevent dandruff is to wash your hair regularly with mild shampoo incase your condition is not severe.

3. For severe condition of dandruff consulting a dermatologist would be better.

4. Do not share towels, combs and any other hair products and accessories like caps, scarves, hairclips etc with others nor use any thing belonging to others as this may lead to the formation of dandruff or make it severe.

5. The sweat glands and oil glands are breeding house for fungus easily because of smell and wet surface we provide.

6. Regular washing can keep the fungus at bay.

7. Clean all your skin care articles regularly and store them in a clean, closed and safe place.

8. Maintain your hair and scalp in a best possible way without dirt so that the fungus doesn’t react.

9. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B, Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids are the key sources to prevent dandruff.

10. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good to provide nourishment to your scalp.

11. Picking up the best shampoo that fits you perfectly to eradicate dandruff.

12. Restoring moisture to the scalp by drinking sufficient amount of water everyday is the solution to stop growing of dandruff permanently.

13. Some anti-dandruff shampoo kills the fungus malassezia which causes dandruff while some shampoo work on the dead cells not to multiply any further.

14. If you have a pet at home and unfortunately if that same pet carries the fungus as pets generally do, there is a probability of the same fungus being carried to your scalp. Avoid too much contact with your pets or be very cautious.

15. Cover your head with a scarf or a bandanna while you go out on roads and anywhere around the polluted or dusty area as the pollutant or dust provide better bed for the fungus to dwell.

16. Wet hair provides a better environment for the fungus to grow. Dry your hair in natural sunlight or fresh air before leaving home.

17. Some chemical treatments such as colouring, perm etc stimulates dandruff. It’s better to stay away from those if you already have dandruff.

18. Hot water dries our scalp and increases dandruff. Use warm or cold water to wash your scalp carefully.

Our old remedy of oiling our hair comes in handy even to stop dandruff if it is due to dry scalp.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff in One Wash?

It is not possible to get rid of dandruff in one wash, however if it’s not severe then it can be wiped away in one wash using anti-dandruff shampoo and other best medication. You may have heard about the usage of vinegar and other products to make it disappear in one wash but it depends wholly on the severity and the cause of your dandruff.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Quickly ?

Here are the 8 ways to get rid of dandruff quickly:
1. Using of anti-dandruff shampoo removes the dandruff quickly.
2. Anti-fungal agents such as Zinc Pyrithione and Coal tar are used in shampoos to get rid of fungi.
3. Salicylic acid is also used in the shampoos in small quantity to stop the growth of dead skin cells.
4. Dandruff can be removed quickly by washing your hair and pollutants or dirt regularly.
5. By maintaining normal PH of your scalp. This will not let the bacteria and fungi to grow in your hair neither on your scalp.
6. Following the healthiest diet in the best possible way by avoiding junk, greasy, oily, canned and packed food will decrease the growth of dandruff. Natural and organic food is better for your scalp.
7. Lactic acid stops the growth of fungi but may cause stinging to some individual.
8. Some home remedies would be better to try but it will take pretty long to get rid of it and the results are not sure to be effective. In some cases, using of anti-dandruff shampoo is the only way to remove the dandruff.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff and Hair fall ?

We end up choosing shampoo with the best brand, the one which smells nice or the one that foams better. We don’t think much about the result or harm it produces. Some shampoo and other hair products damage our hair as well as scalp in the long run. If any shampoo and conditioner doesn’t suit you try changing it unless you feel comfortable with the shampoo and see the desirable changes of losing less amount of hair and maintaining your scalp without dandruff.

Scalp seborrhea or dandruff may slow down the process of hair growth but it is not responsible for hair loss permanently. Dandruff doesn’t cause hair fall but blocks the hair follicles for the hair to grow. The follicles blocked by the dandruff should be washed away using anti-fungal shampoos. These shampoos contain necessary ingredients in small quantities thereby preventing the damage neither to the hair nor to the scalp. In mild cases of dandruff, anti-fungal cream or shampoos consisting of Ketoconazole, Selenium sulfide, coal tar and Zinc Pyrithione are used

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff without Washing

In most cases overproduction of excess skin which sheds becomes dandruff. It is the result of too much oil on the scalp. It is a combination of oil, yeast and dead skin. This yeast feed on excessive oil and dead skin cells on the scalp causing frequent shedding of the flakes. The treatment is to shampoo daily or at least thrice or four times in a week. If you are worried about daily shampooing might make your hair frail, a dandruff conditioner would be required to maximize its strength.

In some people the oil do not form externally on the scalp but their body produces it from inside. The problem of this should be eradicated from its root cause. Detox your body with lemon water frequently. It helps to clean your body inside out reducing the excess oil and grease from the body. It is ideal to wake up early morning and have a glass of fresh lemon water. It has many beneficial values like removing toxins, maintaining your organs in the body as well as it brightens your skin. This will fix the problem from its root cause.

Using anti-fungal cream and corticosteroid tablets is another way to reduce and stop dandruff without washing.

Best Dandruff Treatment :

If you tried treating your dandruff yourself and found no difference in the reduction, then consulting a dermatologist would be a good idea. The dermatologist in our clinic starts diagnosing your scalp. There are few diagnosing techniques which will be used to treat you.

1. Hair analyzing
2. By scraping a bit of skin to be tested in the laboratory
3. Diagnosing for fungal infections.

Best Dandruff Treating Shampoos :

1. Medicated shampoos with 2% Ketoconazole which stops the fungus to grow on the scalp.
2. Climbazole is an antifungal agent used to treat dandruff in humans.
3. Selenium Sulfide shampoo twice a week for a month or once/twice a week for controlling the symptoms of itching and to diminish the dandruff.
4. Zinc Pyrithione, Coal tar and Salicylic acid are used to wash away excess scalp oil and to keep the scalp in ideal condition.

We at Dr. Venus Clinic focus and believe in healthy lifestyle and healthy treatment. If you are in extreme condition in dandruff we diagnose you using different techniques available in our place especially for you.

We do have treatments depending upon the category of the patient particularly for cosmetic reasons. We use leading technology for treatments. We try to understand your problems much better and make sure to provide treatment with a positive approach.

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