There are plenty of hair removal methods available. The question is, which one is better? Shaving or Waxing, or Chemical creams or laser hair removal.

Shaving and Waxing are time-consuming and painful, and you may get a cut if you are not careful. And it’s needless to say about Waxing. It causes pain. In this blog, let us understand the pros and cons of hair removal creams vs laser hair removal.

As it seems, hair removal cream is a short-term option, and a laser hair removal is a long-term option. Let’s try to simplify and see which one works better.


How Does Hair Removal Cream Work?

Depilatory Creams are widely used as a hair removal option. They are used in painless hair removal. They are a quick, convenient and safe way to get rid of unwanted hair in the comfort of your home.

These creams are thick substances that you spread on your skin. These creams are applied to the skin and left for a few minutes to weaken each hair follicle; either the cream is rubbed off or washed, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

The main component in hair removal creams is thioglycolic acid. This thioglycolic acid is added by various salts like potassium and calcium thioglycolates and pure thioglycolic acid. These are combined with other components, and these acids break down the keratin, a protein naturally in the hair. The base of the hair is dissolved. Either when washed or wiped, the hair is removed.

There are creams for different skin types and sensitivities. It’s always advised to test it on a small patch of skin. If there is no reaction, then the cream can be used.

Advantages of Hair Removal or Depilatory Creams:

  1. Time: All it takes is 5-10 minutes of your time.
  2. Pain: As long as there is no allergic reaction, depilatory creams don’t hurt.

Disadvantages of Hair Removal or Depilatory Creams:

  1. Cost: The cost of creams may seem cheap, but if it is used every other week – it will add up to the price.
  2. Results: The chemicals dissolve the hair but do not touch the follicle beneath the skin layer, causing the hair to grow back immediately, just as seen in shaving.
  3. Skin irritation: If the patch test is not done, there may be skin irritations or rashes.
  4. Allergic reactions: Experiencing allergic reactions to chemicals may occur.
  5. Chemical burns: The ingredients like Potassium Thioglycolate and Calcium Hydroxide, if left on the skin for too long, can burn the skin.

Top 5 Permanent Hair Removal Creams

  1. Veet Hair Removal Cream

This cream is enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamin E and removes hair effectively. The hair takes a long time to grow, and the skin stays smooth for a long time.

  1. Organic hair removal wax powder.

It’s made of Natural and Organic ingredients. Tested and verified by Dermatologists.

Mix it with rose water and apply the paste to the skin to get hair-free and smooth skin.

  1. Sleek Pack-Facial Hair Remover

This wax pack is tried, tested, and used to remove unwanted hair from the face, and it’s safe and efficient.

  1. Fem Anti-Darkening Hair Removing Cream

Natural benefits of rose flower and jojoba oil, the Fem rose hair removal cream works gently, even on sensitive skin. Vitamin A and fatty acids protect the exposed layer of the skin from an allergic reaction and make it healthy and radiant.

  1. Patanjali Clean and Fresh Hair Removal Cream

It takes 5-8 minutes to eliminate unwanted hair. It is enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera and vitamin E with a pleasant fragrance.

Best Hair Removal Creams For Face and Body

  1. Sleek Pack-Facial Hair Remover
  2. Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream
  3. Surgi-Cream Hair Remover for Face
  4. Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo

These are some of the best hair removal creams, which also tend to be sensitive.


How To Use Hair Removal Creams?

  • Step 1: Select a suitable depilatory cream
  • Step 2: Do a patch test
  • Step 3: Apply the cream
  • Step 4: Wipe or wash it away

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a hair growth reduction method up to 95%. The laser targets the pigment in the hair and damages the follicle, which prevents the future growth of hair.

Laser hair removal relies on the hair growth cycle; this works in the phase when hair and follicle connect. During the other time, the energy cannot get to the strand.

One laser session can treat up to 20% of hair. That is why patients need several treatments. Each session must be six weeks apart.

Laser hair removal is compatible with all skin tones and hair colours. It helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Treatment:

Advantages of Laser Treatment
  1. Cost: It is cheap. One-time payment, and you get the results.
  2. Time: Sessions are as short as 10-30 minutes.
  3. Ingrown Hair: As it destroys the follicle, there will not be any ingrown hair.
  4. Permanent Results: The hair follicle is damaged, hence no hair re-growth.
  5. Pain: Laser hair removal does not hurt. Treatment is quite comfortable.
Disadvantages of Laser Treatment
  1. Cost: Though it is a one-time investment, the package needs to be paid all at once. It may cause stopping prospective patients from going ahead.
  2. Side Effects: Side effects are rare. Sometimes they may cause minor burns, irritated skin, and redness. Many times, they disappear after a few hours.
  3. Exposure to the Sun: As the skin is vulnerable after treatment, sun exposure may interfere with the treatment.
Advantages and disadvantages of laser treatment

5 Things You Need To Know About Laser Treatment

  1. It is not one time task to remove your hair:

Laser treatment takes 5-8 sessions to have permanent hair removal. Several sessions are required for better results.

  1. This treatment is Absolutely Painless

In the areas where there is more hair growth, the numbing gel must be applied to not feel any pain. The skin has to be pat dry and also moisturized properly.

  1. Hair growth will stop slowly with successive sessions

Frequent and successive sessions are required to see the desired results. Taking advice from a doctor is suggested.

  1. Don’t wax your hair during an ongoing laser session

Don’t let other hair removal techniques interfere with this treatment for better results.

  1. Maintain the precautions during the laser treatment

As soon as you take the treatment, do not bathe on the same day. Soap shouldn’t be used the next day. Follow the precautions given by the doctor.

Chemical Creams vs Laser Hair Removal


Creams may appear cheap at first, but buying a bottle every week will add up to the total cost. At the same time, laser treatment is a one-time investment.


Creams produce a result that will last only a week, whereas laser treatment gives permanent results.

Laser hair removal prevents the growth of ingrown hair. Sessions are fast and upfront. Hassle-free treatment.

Not to worry about body hair again.

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