Face fat reduction: When you are a young kid, family, friends, acquaintances or even random strangers coming up to you and pinching your cheeks and calling them chubby in a lovable way is considered to be a good thing – an “oh he/she is just so adorable,” compliment.

However, as you grow older, the endearment factor of those chubby cheeks goes away a little, leading to doubts and wondering if, indeed, there needs to be a change. There is nothing in having a little extra fat around your face, of course, but it is about the individual’s self-confidence and if one feels that fat needs to go, there is nothing wrong in thinking that either.

In a world where everything you do is scrutinized on social media, unfortunately, one of the not-so-great by-products is that constant need to look good, perfect even. And while that can lead to problems of their own, it can also, if you look at it positively, lead to one leading a healthier lifestyle, eating right, exercising and making sure you take care of your body.

Rightly or wrongly, the face is seen as the most important aspect when it comes to looking good in this world, and, as a result, that part of the body is the one that gets the most attention as well.
So, if you look in the mirror and see a bit of fat creeping in around your face, there aren’t too many people that won’t immediately take out the phone or open that laptop and do some research on how to get rid of that excess fat.

In this blog, you will find various ways in which that face fat can be kicked, reduced and taken to the cleaners.

First, let’s take a look as to why you might be looking a little puffier around the face.
The reason for face fat could one of many. Maybe your natural structure around the face is a little on the chubby side – big boned is a phrase that is used often – or, more likely, it is that you have put on a bit of weight, and that fat has ended up going in and around the face.

It could also be some of the bad habits that you have, like drinking excess alcohol, cigarette smoking or that bane of modern existence – stress.

What is good about face fat, though, is that, usually, that part of the body is the last place where the fat reserves decide to stay, which means, if you start eating right and exercising, one the first places you will see a result will be the face.

How You Can Reduce Face Fat Naturally?

There are 4 ways to reduce face fat naturally.

1. Exercise regularly:

At the end of the day, excess fat, anywhere, isn’t good for your health, so in order to burn that fat, and start living a healthier life, getting on that exercise train is the best and most effective method. It might not give you the immediate results you’re looking for – so, if you’re going on a beach holiday and want to look your best in those gorgeous pictures, this is not the solution – but for long-term health, nothing, absolutely nothing, beats exercise and eating right.

So, get on that treadmill or do some cardio and a few stomach crunches and you will see the results appearing in your favor.

2. Diet:

Just as important as exercising is checking what you put into your body. If you end up putting in more calories than you are burning while you exercise, then the whole process will become moot, and those fat reserves will remain.

So, eating healthy, making sure that the calorie intake is right and kicking that junk food is as essential as jumping on the treadmill.

Admittedly, giving up unhealthy food isn’t easy – the unhealthier it is, the tastier it usually is right – but make sure you get into a routine, and maybe even sneak in a cheat day every couple of weeks to get rid of those cravings and see the result.

3. Water:

Hydration is such a key part of everyday life and such an easy thing to do, yet something that is rarely done. Just drinking the right amount of water can do wonders to your health and body, and specifically the face.

Staying hydrated reduces the bloating of the face, and with it keeps that chubbiness around the area away. So, maybe keep a timer on your phone or watch, and make sure you drink a glass or two of water regularly, thirsty or not.

4. Sleep:

Another one of those things that should be taken for granted, but in this always-awake world, isn’t. Getting the right amount of sleep is essential for your body to function at its optimal level.
Also, a lack of sleep could induce increased levels of cortisol in your body, which can then lead to various issues, including weight gain. That is because excess cortisol can cause increase in appetite and change your metabolism as well, which then means more fat entering your body and deciding to camp for a long time.

Therefore, the next time you think, losing sleep to get that extra work done is totally worth it, think again, and understand just what that decision is doing to your body. Your body needs sleep, so please make sure it gets it.

4 Ways to Reduce Face fat in One Week:

1. Facial exercises:

Some basic facial exercises will help you kick those face fat blues away. For instance giving your cheek an extra workout in the morning when you wash your mouth is a really good idea.

Also, why not smile a bit more, and get those facial muscles working overtime by holding a huge smile face.

Chewing gum is another really good way to keep some movement going around the face, which in turn helps combat face fat.

2. Stairs are good for you:

This is one of those daily exercises that is easy to do and can be incorporated into your daily routine without having to take out any extra time.

As long as you don’t live or work on the 35th floor, why not take the stairs – up and down – every day, instead of lighting up that lift. It will only take an extra couple of minutes, but can be beneficial to you in the long run and help fight that fat away, including the ones on your face.

3. Hot towel:

Steam can be an effective solution to reduce fat on the face. So, putting a hot towel on your face for a few minutes, could help in getting rid of that worrying face fat.

4. Face fat reduction cream:

There are a lot of products out there in the market, that claim to be effective in reducing face fat. You will find a variety of creams and products, but what you need to make sure is you find the right one – ideally an organic one – that suits your type of skin and works perfectly to kick those face fat blues away.

4 Home Remedies to Lose Face Fat:

1. Egg whites:

Apply an egg white mask onto your face and see what it can do to that face fat. Egg white has vitamin A in it, which is known to be really good for your skin.

2. Almond oil, olive oil coconut oil:

Might not be the most attractive of proposition, but considering these oils contain natural moisturisers and also helps in tightening the skin, this can be a very effective method to get rid of face fat.

3. Cocoa butter:

Another application onto the face that helps in driving away the fat. Cocoa butter is another natural substance that keeps your skin hydrated and also increases its elasticity, which means lesser fat on your face. After heating up a bit of cocoa butter – and cooling it down enough – apply it on your face. It should be ideally done in the morning and also as a night mask, before you go to sleep.

4. Glycerine:

Now, this is a product more associated with acting, since actors are known to use the liquid to help them tear up for emotional scenes. However, glycerine is also a really good agent for your skin. It, again, acts as a hydrator, which in turn helps in driving the face fat out of your body.

There you have it – your one-stop guide to reducing face fat. Make sure you read through carefully and identify which, what and when works perfectly for you in order to get rid of that excess fat.



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