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Double Chin Reduction: We’ve all been there or know someone who has had to deal with it – there you are, looking at a really nice picture, only to notice that you have something a little extra under your chin. You peer closer, and try to understand what it is, and then you realise: It is the dreaded double chin.

Putting on that little bit of extra weight, be it by binging during the holidays or during an extended vacation or thanks to your parents being at home and pampering you, can lead to a little extra layer of fat forming in the one place you really don’t want.

After all, there is nothing more embarrassing – particularly if you consider yourself to be still young and very much in it – than that double chin dropping out and making its presence felt in all of those photos. Especially, when today’s world is so selfie happy.

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Imagine having to stare at a double chin, every time you take a selfie. Ah, the horror!
Well, worry no more. Below you will find all the secrets to getting rid of that odious double chin. So, read along and see what you need to do, if you are one of the people who suddenly see that double chin popping out.
First, let’s find out what causes double chin – or submental fat for the ones with the white coats:

1. Weight gain:

This is the obvious, and most common, reason. Add a few kilos to your overall weight, and that extra fat might decide to park itself under your chin, forming a second, most unwanted layer.
However, a double chin materialises not just through weight gain, it could be due to other factors as well.

2. Age:

Sometimes, as you grow old, the elasticity of the skin goes for a holiday, and just like you get wrinkles around your waist, it can also lead to a saggy-looking double chin.

3. Genes:

Your parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents. You might just be able to blame your double chin on one of those people or all of them. If it is in the family, then there is a decent chance you might get them as well. So, pray you have some really good, non-double chinny genes!

4. Posture:

All about how you carry yourself in that area of the body. Poor posture can lead to your skin losing all its elasticity, and as mentioned above, when that happens, you get a double chin.

I: How to Get Rid of Double Chin in One Week/Overnight:

It is all about eating right:
1. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables:

There is a mention of vegetables four times for a reason. You need to eat four servings of vegetables in a day for a week in order to get that double chin fat down and out. Eat healthy, get those veggies down, whether you like it or not, and you will see signs of the double chine reducing.

2. Fruits, fruits and fruits:

Yup, you guessed it. Fruits mentioned thrice, which means three servings of fruits a day, ideally. Of course, it can change according to the amount you eat each time, but the perfect way to get rid of that extra chin fat is to regulate your servings correctly through the day.
So, don’t just eat those vegetables and fruits at one go – spread them out and make sure you get all those healthy nutrients through the day.

3. No fried stuff:

This one is to be expected. There are very few things worse for us than deep fried stuff. We eat them, because they taste great, but if you want that double chin out of the way, then you must stop eating anything remotely in the fried category.

4. Protein:

Eating meat – preferably of the lean variety – allows your body to soak up some protein, which in turn helps in killing fat and reducing those double chins. So, have some chicken – not deep fried, of course – or some sea food – again, not deep fried – and enjoy the positive effects.

5. Sweets and sugar:

No more extra few spoons of sugar in your coffee/tea. No more binging on desserts after every meal. There is nothing more dangerous in nullifying all that hard work you put in to reduce weight than sugar.
As sweet as they might be, you need to cut out sugar from your life – not completely, but to a large extent – if you want a double chin free life that is.

6. Dairy:

If you are a big fan of milk and all of its by-products, you might want to look at alternatives or at least the low fat ones. With soy milk and almond milk and plenty of other varieties of dairy now available, chucking that cow milk and finding some other one might not be a bad idea.

If you do like your dairy to be from a cow or buffalo, though, then go for the low fat version.
Now that you have read how to lose a double chine without exercise, below you will find the various exercises that will help in getting rid of that extra fat below your chin.


II: Double Chin Exercises:

There are a lot of simple exercises you can do to send that double chin out of your life.

Below are a few of them that might help you a lot.

1. The yawn:

If you have cats or know someone with cats or watch Animal Planet, you will know what a yawn from the cat family looks like – mouth as wide open as it can be with the tongue coming out at full stretch as well.
Now, imagine what such an exercise is doing to the muscles around the cat’s face and then imagine what it can do to yours if you also start doing it.

So, open that mouth out wide, as wide as possible, stick the tongue out as much as possible, hold for a few seconds and then repeat it five-ten times. What this does is it strengthens the muscles around your face, including the chin area, and it also helps in retaining the elasticity.

Cats, aye, what wonderful creatures they are – every single one of them from the cat family.

2. Neck rotations:

This is something that most people do when they are warming up or warming down. Rotate your neck back and forth, up and down, left and right and keep doing it for a few minutes.

3. Whistle, without whistling:

If you know how to whistle, this should be an easy exercise, able to be performed anywhere. Look up at the ceiling and ready yourself like you are going to whistle. Instead of whistling though, hold that pose, and make sure the muscles around your mouth are nice and tight. Unclench and clench again and keep doing that a few times.

4. Up and down:

This one is the easiest of them all. Look up and look down, it is that simple.
Lift your head up and look at the ceiling and bring it back down to the original position, do it again and again about 10-20 times, a few times a day and you will see a difference.
It is a simple exercise that can be done pretty much every day. Indeed, all of it is something that can be done daily, so what are you waiting for, go right ahead!

5. Chew gum:

Another easy method. Chewing gum gives your muscles a bit of extra exercise and also acts as a means of stopping you from wanting to eat more, particularly if you take some gum after a meal. Do make sure you chew a sugar-free, preferably with a natural sweetener, chewing gum.


III. How to Get Rid of Double Chin Naturally?

1. Wheat germ oil:

Applying wheat germ oil around the neck and below the chin is known to be an effective method to get rid of that double chin. Massage the oil onto the area for a few minutes and then you will need to leave it overnight.
Keep doing it for a few weeks and that double chin will decide to leave your body!

2. Cocoa butter:

A common ingredient in moisturisers and lotions, cocoa butter is also a really nice remedy for a double chin. Considering cocoa butter is a known ingredient which helps in improving elasticity of the skin, it is understandable that it is also a really good option to send those double chins away.
Apply cocoa butter under your chin and keep it on for about half an hour to 45 minutes. Then rinse it off and repeat that for a few days and see the difference it makes.

3. Egg whites:

Take those fatty yolks out, mix some egg whites in and apply it around your chin and neck. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then gently wipe it off your skin.

4.Green tea:

We all know green tea is really good for our health. The fact that green tea boosts metabolism means it will help your body kick that extra fat easier. So drink plenty of green tea.


How about asking a friend, spouse or family member to massage your neck and chin area?
Massaging has several strong properties which will help in reduction of your double chin, including increasing blood flow around the area. So what are you waiting for, find that someone with the perfect hands, who can give you a heavenly neck/chin massage!

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