CO2 Laser Treatment

CO2 Laser Treatment in Hyderabad

The acronym of the word, LASER is LIGHT AMPLIFICATION by STIMULATED EMISSION OF RADIATION. It is the earliest form of laser ever used for treating some health conditions in 1977 in England. The laser is a device that passes an intense beam of light to aid innumerable tasks and conditions. You might have heard about Laser these days a lot used to operate many health concerns. Let us have a peek at how (Carbon-Di-Oxide) CO2 LASER is used in Dermatology


CO2 Laser Treatment With Before And After Images

CO2 LASER is an ablative procedure in which the tissues are removed by less invasive technique. It causes thermal damage to the specific columns of our skin. The surrounding skin aids in the removal of dead skin and rejuvenation. This procedure is undoubtedly safe and isΒ FDA approved. It is used to treat varieties of conditions like


1. Acne Scars

2. Photo Aging

3. Facial Resurfacing

4. Sunburns

5. Surgical Scars

6. Wrinkles

7. Skin Lesions

8. Scar Revision

9. Uneven skin tone

10. Warts

11. Toenails

12. Stretch marks & many other conditions