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Reduce belly fat

How to reduce belly fat?

8 scientifically-proven tips to reduce belly fat

Are you tired of looking at your paunch every day? Do you dream of wearing those bodies-hugging clothes to show off your fit body?

Belly fat also referred to as visceral fat, not only makes your clothes tight but is also a major risk factor for numerous diseases, especially diabetes and heart disorders. The reason is simple. Belly fat surrounds the organs in your stomach, unlike the subcutaneous fat which is stored under your skin and poses no danger health. Belly fat thus reduces the chances of survival in case of a stroke and hence is much more dangerous than you perceive.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that reduce belly fat and keep you healthy at the same time.

Yes, belly fat is stubborn and it’s not the easiest to lose, but always remember to stay committed to the process. When all else fails, you can always fall back on science.

Here are 6 ways to lose your belly fat:

1. Cut back on sugar and starch:

Added sugar definitely helps in taste but adds little nutrition to your diet. In fact, excess of it has its own share of harmful effects on metabolism. The excess fructose in refined sugar is converted
into belly fat.

Liquid sugar is worse. It doesn’t get registered by the brain, thereby increasing the amount of intake. If you are fond of cold-drinks, soda, and other sugary juices, mind you, it might be the
primary reason for your belly fat.


Various studies have suggested that sweetened beverages increases the risk of obesity in kids by 60%, for each serving.

2. Feast on proteins:

A Protein-rich diet has major benefits. First, it decreases your appetite and reduces your
hunger. Reduced hunger might on its own, reduce your calorie intake, thereby helping you reduce your belly fat. Secondly, a protein-rich diet burns around 80-100 calories per day. There are studies suggesting better results, as much as 250 calories per day, with overfeeding protein-rich diets.

Other studies have shown that belly fat has an inverse relation with protein protein-rich diets i.e. chances of having belly fat decreases with increased protein in your diet. You might want to include foods that burn belly fat and provide good protein such as meat, eggs, soya, dairy, or fish in your diet.

3. Eat fibre-rich food:

A Fiber fiber-rich diet which includes food like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains like oats and cereals can be effective in reducing belly fat. It helps in slowing down the digestion cycle. It promotes satiation, decreases the absorption of macro-nutrients and alters the secretion of gut hormones. 
In short, it helps you in cutting down belly fat, increases your life span, helps you feel full and get away from many diseases,

4. Cut the Carbs::

Needless to say, if you want to get rid of the belly fat, you need to cut the carbs in your diet. Also, a low- carb diet works better compared to a low-fat diet. When researchers at Johns Hopkins compared a low-fat diet with a low-carb diet with both having the same amount of calories, it was noticed that the former produced better and more favorable results.

5. Make cardio your best friend::

It’s hard to wake up every morning and take out time for exercise. It’s perhaps harder to do the same after work, especially when you do not see yourself getting slimmer, but when it comes to reducing belly fat, cardio proves to be the most effective exercise. 

Observational studies suggest that the frequency and duration of the exercise are more important than the intensity. So, don’t be disheartened if you don’t see immediate results. With consistency, you will definitely get results.

6. Drink water:

Chances are you are ignoring the effectiveness of water in your weight loss strategy. Drinking water accelerates your metabolism and helps to get rid of calories. Health authorities recommend drinking around 2 liters liters of water every single day. So, stay hydrated.

Gone are the days when you needed to starve yourself to reduce weight. With science and the advancement of technology, belly fat removal has become easy and quick. Here are some more advanced technological ways to reduce your stubborn belly fat quicker.

3 Proven treatments to reduce belly fat

1. Inch loss:

Reduce belly fat

The Inch loss treatment by Dr. Venus is the most ideal if you are struggling with excess belly fat and have little time to regulate your food and hit the gym. This method is full of rigorous body massages and some exercises which helps in releasing the rigid subcutaneous fat deposits under your skin. Hence, you lose fat in inches around your belly. Sounds great, right? It’s extremely effective and provides permanent results.

2. TriLipo:

Cooltech treatment

If you’re struggling with belly fat, then chances are, you are also affected by cellulite. Cellulite is the common problem of having dimpled skin, caused by the expansion of fat cells. But with the treatment provided by Dr. Venus, you can easily get rid of cellulite. In this method, guided RF waves are applied to the treated area to destroy fat cells. And in order to provide permanent results, long-term collagen rejuvenation is ensured, which also tightens your skin.

8. Full body remodelling with cooltech®:

Cooltech procedure

Who knew our fat cells are so actually vulnerable? cooltech® is this innovative body sculpting and contouring method provided by Dr. Venus, designed for treating localized fat pockets in various areas of the body. The basic principle behind this technology is that fat cells are vulnerable to temperature changes. In this method, an adjustable applicator vacuum is used to cool the fatty tissue and apply apoptosis (controlled cell death) selectively.

The cutting-edge technology of TriLipo vanishes your fat like magic. TriLipo is an advanced technology for effective fat removal provided by Dr. Venus. It combines the 3 most important procedures in order to reduce fat —the destruction of fat cells, removal of fat cells, and tightening of your skin. In this method, RF energy is used to increase your body’s metabolism to destroy fat cells. Next, your lymphatic system is activated to drain out the liquid fat. And finally, the dermal RF energy tightens the collagen fibres to ensure skin toning. Hence, with TriLipo, you not only reduce fat but also get your skin tightened.

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The Bottom Line

Yes, belly fat is stubborn, but reducing it is definitely possible.

Everything depends on your level of commitment and perseverance.

By adopting a proper lifestyle backed with advanced technology, you can easily lose those extra pounds from your belly.

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