pimple treatment

What is pimple treatment?

Acne or pimples or zits are usually seen during the teens and also among 5% of older adults. This is most sought after skin condition that affects your psyche and self-esteem when you look at yourself.

The need to have a flawless skin gets bigger due to acne which can persist for a long time. It is caused primarily due to the hyperactivity of the oil glands and is commonly seen on shoulders, upper arms, face, chest and back. It may also be due to hormonal imbalance, stress, pollution etc. whatever may be the reason behind acne, though the grief and agony is truly hitting, it is not the end of the road.

With advancement in technology, the treatment for acne is successful to a large extent now. A key to deal with acne is early and prompt treatment under guidance of expert dermatologists.

What do you gain with early treatment?

Acne not only has an impact on the physical appearance but also on the emotional and mental strength. Hence, it needs to be dealt properly and at the earliest. Acne if not treated at the right time can either leave behind brown to black marks or scars. They are more common in coloured skin. Delay in Acne treatment results in permanent scars which give an uneven texture to the skin.

When comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), the initial stages of acne are not treated, they evolve to become big, unsightly and get deeper into skin increasing the tendency for marks and scars. With prompt treatment, not only the new eruptions are prevented but also the greasiness in face get reduced.

Lastly, the possibility of scars and pigmentation of the skin is greatly reduced, thus saving the skin from losing its shine and smoothness.


How is acne caused?

There is no specific reason that we can attribute towards causation of acne, but research has shown that multiple reasons, alone or in combination such as hormonal imbalance, puberty related changes and most importantly stress, pollution are largely responsible. The other causes could be usage of inferior cosmetics, smoking, drugs etc. Recent Dermatological journals have revealed that even diet consisting of high fat and dairy content may be a reason behind acne.


Any home remedy to avoid pimples?

Home remedies may or may not work for acne. Sometimes they may make the skin worse. It is always advised to follow Dermatologist’s advice in this regard before resorting to any such methods. Other simple care at home would be to apply suitable moisturizer as per the quality of skin and drink good amount of water and follow a balanced diet. Stresses a key reason for pimples to occur. This is something you can handle which can reduce your problem to a fair extent.


Are there different stages of Acne?

Yes, Acne is graded based on the predominant type of eruption. Grade 1 is usually the Blackheads and Whiteheads, grade 2 is Papules which are the pink bumps on skin and painful on touch. Grade 3 is Pustules which are big pimples containing Pus and grade 4 is Nodules which are the big, painful, solid bumps with widespread scarring.


What are the different types of Acne treatment?

Treatment for Acne depends on the extent and severity of the skin problem. The dermatologists provide the apt solution after proper analysis of acne severity. Sometimes acne can subside through medications such as antibiotic creams, face washes according to skin type, moisturizers and sunscreen lotions. We do acne control peels to improve the acne along with medicines as medical treatment alone may not help in many instances. In case of severe and large acne, intralesional injections are given.


What treatments are offered By Us?

Comedone extraction and acne control peels which are quite popular are done under supervision of the specialists to treat acne. Light based therapy is a latest and advanced fluorescent technology used to treat flat pink scars. This is more suitable for working professionals who cannot cater much time for sessions as it carries no down time. Pixel Laser uses the US FDA approved fractionated Erbium YAG Laser for reducing acne scars to a great extent. This is effective in treating sunken scars of all types such as chicken pox scars and post injury scars apart from acne scars.

Why Us?

We believes in stringent and tested protocols which include an elaborate pre procedure assessment and a detailed pictorial treatment plan prior to pixel resurfacing.

Every treatment session is customized to suit your needs, combining many modalities if your scars require them. Optimal treatment parameters are used each time.

Our rigorously trained, well-qualified cosmetic dermatologists choose the laser parameters only after an in-depth analysis of your skin’s scarring and pigmentation tendency.

We use only state-of-the-art, best in class technologies, which are specially chosen for Indian skin. Your comfort is foremost on our mind. Hence numbing cream is applied before the procedure to make the procedure comfortable and smooth going.

We are available for your pre and post procedure queries and take every step to ensure we are with you till the whole issue is resolved. Treating colored skin is like a tightrope walk. Our dermatologists have mastered the fine art of balancing safety with efficacy.